Paladins Closed Beta started today


Did anyone get into the beta? I don’t have the $20 bucks to spare at the moment. I have been playing a lot of smite lately. Watching the streams today it seems fun. I hear it is Overwatch by Hi-Rez. Since I am not a Blizzard fan though I will stick with Hi-Rez. Hopefully it will be f2p. I enjoyed Tribes and Global Agenda so… If anyone gets in please let me know.


I’m in it right now. Will be streaming tomorrow, right now it’s only able to play from Noon to Midnight EST


Did they give you any keys to let other people in?


This is the game @teh_ninjaneer was talking about at one point. I’ve heard good things.


Yes @Vocino . It does have a cartoon style but the card system with collections and power altering seems like a nice change of pace. They clearly have learned things from Global Agenda with the escort of a siege weapon. I would like to try it if someone gets a key.


I have 1 key but already promised to a friend, if he doesn’t want it I’ll let you know, You can buy in the founders pack for 20 bucks and it will give you CBT access


@Dezmo, check your PM’s


I’ve been playing but find it a bit boring.


It is very early. Hi-Rez is conducting a real beta. Progression just got added with the patch today. I am sure it will change quit a bit.


My friend hit level 3 and got an invite to send out. I should have at least one to send out by tomorrow if anyone wants one hit me up.