Paragon Assets for UE4


Thank you @teh_ninjaneer for posting this in discord, thought I’d make a post for all of those interested in free game assets. Be aware that they are meant for the newest version of the Unreal Engine, v4.19. Also, didn’t know where to put this so I put it in “Gear”.

I’ve updated versions several times and each time it gets more difficult and time consuming to migrate. However, I might make a scaled down version of my project using these assets, I may even use the lore of paragon instead of my own. Honestly, not even sure if it has a strong lore now that I think about it.


The game had a rock-'em-sock-'em robot, a K-POP singer, a guy whose arms would turn into guns, and a green skinned guy who banged on a set of drums.

Paragon was lacking in a lot of things. Lore was one of those things.