Paragon Close Beta



The PC. close beta will come early of spring or late spring of 2016! You can sign up by going to this web site! All you have to do is pick which hero you want to be and chose a skill to get your free pack to use during close beta! After that you can chose which platform to test the game on like Ps4, xb1, and Windows. This game is awesome The graphic look nice and the controls are easy to use.
Here the Game play of the pc Version:

These Link are the all Online Testing for the Alpha Test. IT also reveal that they have 13 hero’s that i know of and here the link:

Now I’m really exited because I want to play This game on PS4

Let me know if These info are useful! I’m hype when this game come out and when i get invited to the game i’ll post some video of my game play.


I have both PC and PS4 betas.

PC Beta has been going for a while now. Feels like they hand pick who to send beta keys. The first PS4 Close beta is supposed to be around the corner. If anyone is on the beta and want to play next time they open the server add me: xploz1on


I’ve been following this ever since it hit the UE4 Launcher, can’t wait!


will I choose the ps4 version that why i haven’t pick the pc one


Playing the PC beta gives you almost guaranteed access to PS4 beta :wink:


Just signed up. Looks interesting!


hmm i might try that Thanks xploz1on! I know I
can’t wait it to much to take


I got a beta key last week, signed up & downloaded the client, but have yet to log any time. This damn thing called life keeps getting in the way. And if not that, my wife. Darn my wife. Well, not really.

Am I missing much?

So apparently I’m not missing much because I’m missing everything! I got my Paladins beta mixed up when I saw Paragon. So nothing to see here… move it along.


yea, @xploz1on gave me a key to paladins, I got to level 4 and got more keys, then on an email I hardly ever use they accepted me to beta… now I’ve got like 6 keys to paladins… also, I really wanna play paragon haha


I want the key but I’m still waiting for the email… Sigh… Life is so unfair


If anyone gets a key let me know!

Didnt play the beat this weekend, and its funny how the client is called on PS4 (Orion 3D image Viewer) maybe PS4 VR Ready?


Does anyone want to trade? I have a PC code for Paragon but I’m on the PS4 & that’s the key I would need.


Would love to but I’m waiting for ps4


If you don’t use the PC key you are likely not getting a PS4 beta key any time soon.


That’s so weird. I originally signed up for PS4. I appreciate the advice!

-sigh- I guess I’ll use the key even though I can’t really use it yet …


will sometime on march 14 Playstation is giving away a founder pack for the close beta! only 19.99! but Epic games just announce that all hero’s are playable for free and to get the cards is by playing the games. the founder pack is to get the game and some other goodies they have two other pack but if you don’t get the pack you still be able to play it on their free weekend play but the open beta should be in summer 2016.


Finally i got in online testing of paragon for ps4… yay…


awesome, it says I’ll get in on the weekend betas, that’ll do :slight_smile:


I already playing it now! we need to team up. What about you @xploz1on


I am still trying to get out of The Division hype train hahaha… Playing that every time i can :smiley: