Paragon // MOBA // PS4 // Free Early Access



The Starter Pack is your ticket to Paragon’s Early Access Season, and a great way to get started on the battlefields of Agora.

Paragon is the MOBA from Epic Games that puts you in the fight with explosive action, direct third-person control, and deep strategic choice.

The Paragon Starter Pack includes:

● Instant Early Access to Paragon
● Master Challenge For 3 Heroes: Murdock, Rampage, Gadget
● Master Challenges include an immediate Challenger skin for each Hero and permanent Hero Level XP boost. Completing a Master Challenge unlocks a taunt and the exclusive Master Skin.
● A 3-Win Rep boost

Progress is real. That means no account wipes or resets.

The Starter Pack can be upgraded to a Challenger Founder’s Pack or Master Founder’s Pack.

>> Paragon PS4 Free PS+ Early Access <<

NOTE: This will also allow you to play from PC after you have linked your PSN acount to Epic. Remember you can use Keyboard + Mouse on PS4. Have fun in the lands of Agora!


I came to this thread just to be sure you mentioned this.

I encourage anyone who is even remotely interested in this game: If you have PSPlus, take advantage of this free starter pack and then play on whichever platform you want, PS4 or PC.


I’ve been playing for a few months now. I was never a moba player but this game changed that. It’s pretty addictive. I like that the matches are cross platform and so is your account. Try it… it’s free.


For PS+ and people who got alpha/beta invites before it is.

Yes it is cross platform, and the great thing about it, is that PC players have no real advantage when you can on PS4 use KB+Mouse.


Not to mention they stated they will be adding ingame audio support so you can talk from PC to PS4 and PS4 to PC. Its not in yet as they have other more important things to do, but its coming for sure.


That is true.

What i love about them is that, they publish a complete OPEN, ultra detailed changelog, stats, etc for everything in game.


So… Veteran Paragon players got more options to invite friends…

I have an invite… any takers?


No love for Paragon?

It starts slow and i actually hated after i saw a couple youtube guides and played like my 7th match. after that it got fun.

Anyhow… I will leave the code here… It will work for PC and PS4… Just need to link PSN to Epic after account is created.

Free Paragon Invite Ultra Mega VIP!

If you end up using it. Post and let us know.