Paragon? more like Para-BOMB! its good



holy hell this game is fun, if you know what you’re doing and you play smart, that multi-layer level is fucking killer. I’m in love and I’ve only played one character. Never been a fan of the whole card system and still am not but other than that, this game is a blast. Just wanted everyone to know my opinion on the game


Good to hear. I still haven’t launched the game because I’ve been playing Salt & Sanctuary. Maybe I’ll give it a try today.


Have you played any other moba before or is this your first? Also, I thought from the title of this thread you were going to say how this game has bombed or something haha.


I’ve played a fair bit on PC and Ps4. I’m honestly struggling to see why I should play it. It doesn’t seem like the game does anything especially new / innovative enough to justify it’s existance. Character kit’s are similar to any number of other games, it’s on a three lane map with jungles. Honestly it felt like a slow version of Smite.

Maybe once it’s a little further in development I’ll check back in to see if anything has changed.


I’ve played Smite, Paladins, Gagantic, a little LoL and HotS (not a fan of Isometric, that was my biggest compaint of Albion, different subject). Not exactly innovative, but definitely nailed the execution. So far it’s (in my opinion) fairly balanced. I like the move speed and terrain, there’s only one map so if this is an example of more to come, I’m excited. Still super excited about Overwatch so we’ll see how much Paragon I play once that comes out. I’ve just been having lots of fun with this one, normally games don’t keep my attention unless there’s something to them, @Auth can attest to that. There’s about to be even more mobas out so everyone is going to have their favourites. I’m also looking forward to Battleborn, I wish more mobas had story and progressive levels


I honestly thought the same thing, and I thought; “wait a minute, @Philspaz was just in my stream last night saying he loved it.”

But yes I personally think the game is amazing, I personally love the card system since I don’t get hundreds of hours to dedicate memorizing item lists and such. It’s easy to pick up and put down.

The other thing I like is that they released it this early, it’s still in SUPER alpha IMO. textures are still placeholder, it still needs to be optimized, and there’s only like 13 heroes. However EPIC says they want a new hero every 3 weeks. Which means it gives the player tons of time to learn the systems and heroes at the ground level. Master the game while it’s still in alpha and adjust as they change. It’s a lot easier for me to memorize 13 heroes over 50.

Tl;Dr: At $20, it’s definitely worth checking out if you like MOBAs.


Character kits of every MOBA feel the same.

I believe character speed was mentioned last week during streams after the NDA drop. It might be something they are working to increase.

The three-lane map is popular. For comparison, League recently retired their Dominion mode (the capture-and-hold circular map). Not enough people playing it and Riot wasn’t properly supporting it anyway. Smite offers multiple game modes with a different map for each but I’m not sure the popularity of each. I know I prefer Smite’s arena map.

For me, the interest is that the game is cross-platform. PC and PS4 users are playing together and you can log into your account from either platform. I’ve only tried PS4 so far but I have the game installed on my PC to play for comparison. When forming a team the game will show you if a teammate is playing on a different platform.

I played a bot match and felt very comfortable. But I’ve played several Smite matches and also I played DC Universe Online with a gamepad (both are Unreal engine games). Paragon already has a basic chat system to easily communicate with other players (issuing commands such as “attack left lane” or “defend middle lane”) and I believe the replay system is working.

I’m not sure how popular the game will be on PC but I expect this to be huge on PS4 especially if they launch before Smite. The PS4 population of DCUO is huge compared to PC, something like 3x players on PS4, because DCUO was the first MMO on the console. Paragon needs to be the first (official) MOBA.


yea, I just read a big long response from developers to players who “feel” sluggish and that kind of thing or they don’t have enough movement options. Personally I like the way it’s set up but I don’t play the ones that apparently are gripped about the most. I’m pretty sure they could add a game wide function (maybe a movement ability) on the space bar because who the hell cares about jumping


good video that gets some more info that makes this game different from other mobas, doesn’t go over harvesters and all that, but whatever