Paragon to Close on April 26



Interesting. A core number of people over in my Destiny clan (yes, I know… not the Strats destiny clan and I should feel shame) have played Paragon since day one & are shaken up by this announcement.

EDIT - this is an upstanding move from Epic:

To try to make this right, Epic is offering a full refund to every Paragon player for every purchase on any platform. This refund will come directly from Epic rather than your platform provider.


Paragon was a struggle from the start.

  • The PC/PS4 cross-platform was a great idea, but it made the gameplay feel even slower than SMITE because you had to cater to both mouse and gamepad users.

  • Their character designs were all over the place. At least League tries to keep some general themes and lore going on, but Paragon went from one extreme to the other. There was a rock-em-sock-em robot, a K-POP singer, an even edgier Edgelord than Reaper, a Femshep, a T-1000, and other random stuff.

  • They tried at least 3 different versions of their card/item shop but it was always so needlessly bulky and difficult. They needed to keep it simple.

An announcement was made a few weeks ago that the Paragon team was being downsized while they decided what to do with the game. Those members would be moved to Fortnite because of its need for help. Edit At the time of this annoucement, the Paragon team stated that the game population was stagnant; no gain nor decline.

As for the refund, this tells me that Fortnite is such a massive success that they have the means to award these refunds. Yes it is a great move, but it is also impressive for Fortnite.

I just might request that refund and put the money back into Epic as either llamas or Battle Royale stuffs.


I think this cannot be overstated. Even League of Legends with their most recent update massively-simplified their passive system so that it offers great choices and diversity without being overbearing or prohibitive to new players.