Parents Are Seriously Hiring 'Fortnite' Tutors for Their Children Now

Only $20/hour and you could be uber cheese builder supreme!

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May God have mercy on us all. Or at least deliver us to Victory Royale.

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I look at it like any other tutor (fine arts, sports, scholastic, etc.). If anything, this further-legitimizes esports acceptance in the west; we should all be pumped.


I think it would be pretty friggin sweet to go to FPS camp instead of Football camp in the summer.


I just built cheap PCs for my kids and have them watch countless hours of Youtube.

My 3 year old really enjoys performing all the Fortnite dances.


what the heck? seriouly? I play Fortnite Mobile apknite 8h hours/day. This will be easy money

My wife plays Fortnite with my daughter. She is tutoring her. :slight_smile: It is funny to listen to them. My d daughter likes to explore and leave the rest of the crew to deal with the objective. This really drives my wife crazy. I could see my wife signing her up for lessons.

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…On the flip side of this… My seven year old little sister is teaching me to play Fortnite.

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