Patch 1.1.2 Overview



Just thought I’d share some of the highlights from the new patch!

New Content

-Craglorn Adventure Zone
-12 man Trials
-Trial leaderboards
-2 new veteran ranks
-Death recap screen
-New pvp campaign Celarus: resets every 2 weeks with less loot

Other new things

-Dungeon Chests rewards now go to everyone
-Alliance war exp increased for killing players and for 20 man kill quest
-Alliance war underdog bonuses after several days

Fixes (yay)
–Alliance War

-Upped quest exp
-Redid keep gaurds skills/placements/abilities
-Stat adjustments for cyrodil option

–various art/animations/sounds fixes

And a 4 more pages of fixes for classes, quests, bug fixes.

Here is a link if anyone wants to go through it all.
Full Patch notes 1.1.2


I love it how you get updates on your home campaign - scrolls being captured etc - when you’re in pve.