Patch Notes (12/1/14)

: The one about Exotics. And the Raid!

Today’s patch includes the long-awaited arrival of Exotics weapon buffs, additional acquisition paths for destination upgrade materials, along with additional changes to exotic gear node upgrading in preparation for the soon-to-be-released expansion, The Dark Below. We’re also correcting issues induced by our more recent update to the Raid.

Exotic Weapons are designed to look, feel, and sound overpowered. At the same time, they are not supposed to break the balance of the game. We hope these weapons challenge the way players think about their loadouts. Exotics will be a constant work in-progress!
In preparation for the Dark Below, Exotic Armor and Weapons no longer require Ascendant Materials to upgrade
The final upgrade node of all Exotic Gear will require an Exotic Shard
Exotic Shards can be obtained by one of the following means:
Dismantling unwanted Exotics
Purchased from Xur for 7 Strange Coins
Exotics now start at a higher base Attack value and have a narrowed upgrade range to compensate
Projectiles now briefly highlight targets on impact
Mark of the Devourer DoT (damage-over-time) upgrade increased against PvE enemy targets
Reload Speed increased
Magazine Size increased
Ammo inventory size increased
Stability and Weapon Handling increased
Bad Juju
Magazine Size increased to 8 bursts (was 5)
Ammo inventory size increased
String of Curses now also decreases the cooldown of your Super on kill
Adjusted effects to not block first person reticle
Hard Light
Stability increased
Perfect Balance upgrade replaced by Fitted Stock (increases maximum possible weapon Stability)
Suros Regime
Lowered total damage at the end of the mag on SUROS Regime upgrade to be more in line with the Glass Half Full perk on Legendary Auto Rifles
Monte Carlo
Stability increased
Range slightly decreased
Monte Carlo Method upgrade now also has a chance to fully charge melee ability on kill
MIDA Multi-Tool
MIDA rounds now have increased knockback against targets in both PvE and PvP
Send It upgrade (which was redundant) replaced by Speed Reload
Red Death
Rate of Fire increased slightly, but Burst Damage reduced to compensate
Plan C
Weapon Handling speed increased
Player Speed increased while Plan C is in hand
Pocket Infinity
Speed Reload upgrade replaced by Extended Clip which allows the option to increase magazine size (5 bursts)
Vex Mythoclast
Attack Power increased to 323 (from 300)
Base Damage increased, fixing bug we introduced in previous patch
Enhanced Battery upgrade by Extended Mag (this change still allows for a significant upgrade to Magazine Size, but less than before)
Reload Speed increased significantly, auto fires slightly slower
Ice Breaker
Send It upgrade replaced by Lightweight (which was redundant as Icebreaker already had maximum range)
New effects for enemies killed by Ice Breaker upgrade
Patience and Time
Snapshot upgrade replaced by Custom Optics (provides a lower zoom option)
Super Good Advice
Stability increased
Magazine Size increased to 3 (was 1)

Fixed an issue we introduced in a previous patch, in which Atheon did not correctly send 3 players through the time gates
Fixed an exploit where the Templar could be forced off its platform
Daily Heroic Story
Destination Materials now drop from completing the Daily Heroic
Removed the ‘Relic Hunter’ Bounty
Destination Materials now drop from completing the Daily Patrol Bounty

Reduced Cryptarch reputation gain from Engrams, but reputation reward packages now have an increased chance for Legendary Engrams
Players will now be able to use Vanguard Marks and Crucible Marks to purchase Spinmetal, Relic Iron, Spirit Bloom, and Helium Filaments from the Vanguard and Crucible Quartermasters in the Tower
Xur now sells a new material, Exotic Shards, to upgrade the final node of Exotics for 7 Strange Coins
Faction Class Items (ex: FWC Cloak, Dead Orbit Mark, etc.) are now replaced by Faction Emblems in the rank-up reward packages from Faction Vendors

Networking fixes, which should reduce the instance of the Bee family of KTOs
Fixed an issue in which using Xbox One party chat induced a slower frame rate

Loos like it’s time to level up thorn and bad juju. I’m stoked about spending crucible marks on materials. No more running in circles!

Finally, the juju and thorn patch. Much excitement :wink:

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Templar fight fixed… Fuuuuuuu…

Wish I could have gotten a full hard mode run in first…

Considering how fast they patched Atheon, I’m surprised they took as long as they did.

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I didn’t even run the raid on my warlock this week. I guess I can’t take cheesy path now.

I’d also like to note the handling speed increase on Plan C is OP as fuck.


And the relearning curve for Templar is back!!! Haha this is gonna be interesting

Time to sherpa all the level thirties through again. Lol

Aka you? :stuck_out_tongue: jk, yeah everyone we just ran through, we’re gonna have to run through again so they learn lol


Templar legit again… damn lol. Gonna be tough on hard mode.

Plan C was already OP, now it’s more OP?

Also, I have Atheon hard mode checkpoint. Any level 30’s care to help me through it? I want that trophy/mythoclast and I’m tired of rolling w/ weak a$$ 29’s.

Initial thoughts on the Thorn and Bad Juju after an hour or so of playing with them:

Thorn feels much better. The 9-round mag helps out tremendously and the reload time is noticeably quicker, although still a bit longer than I’d prefer. The DoT has definitely been boosted; hitting an acolyte or dregg in the leg will drop them in a single bullet once the DoT gets to work on them.

Juju is still a little meh. The larger magazine helps, no doubt, but it still doesn’t feel great at downing larger enemies unless you can drop a squishy before laying into it. The bonus damage after kill doesn’t last very long but equated to something like 20 more damage on crits while on Venus doing patrols or ~15% bonus damage for somewhere around 1.5 seconds, I believe.

Both weapons chew through trash mobs with ease, but I give the edge at present to Thorn thanks to the increased accuracy when in mid-air for hand cannons that got patched in a month ago or so and the overall increase in power I felt. Though I’m not confident I’ll main either, they are assuredly in a better place now and I’ll at least finish getting the last three upgrades on each of them if I can find some shit to break down for the new exotic equipment material they just introduced :wink:


Does anyone know how many destination materials (I take this to mean spirit blooms, etc.) drop from a daily?

If it’s significant, that’s a game-changer IMO

I got 10 spiritbloom from (I think) yesterday’s 6 patrols on Venus daily. Definitely got them, not 100% what daily they came from as I turned in 5 at once :wink: