Patch notes v1.0.7



Here is a breakdown of the most recent patch notes. I have provided the link for the entire read as well.

Alliance War

  • When transporting an Elder Scroll; you can no longer Bolt Escape and the beacon will remain on the map when using the vampire ability Mist

Vampire & Werewolf

  • Bat Swarm no longer stacks (It will instead refresh if re-cast)
  • Vampire ability cost reduction and Mist moment speed got nerfed
  • Fixed Werewolf infinite speed boost

Veteran Dungeons

  • Lowered loot drop from bosses in Darkshade Caverns

Guild Store

  • Reduced listing cost and tax on listings in guild store


  • Cut C.O.D. cost; fixes postage fee issues


  • Improved game performance while in Cyrodiil.


  • Fixed a bunch of them

-Fixed Guild Officer Chat



That’s dumb, only reason I wasted my time on vamp was for the mist form


Seems like the ROI on Vampire and Werewolf continue to dwindle.


I hear devs vision of abilities does not include use of them as a long term mode of transportation.

Bolt escape will probably get a more definite nerf hammering next, making it impossible to chain cast. A good suggestion was for it to remove all forms of cc and snares giving sorcs an alternative to rolling which I think is a nice tradeoff.


That sounds like a good compromise.