Patch Notes v1.1.4



Patch Notes v1.1.4

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The Elder Scrolls Online v1.1.4 features additional fixes for
gameplay and quests, as well as some miscellaneous fixes including


Alliance War


  • Fixed an issue that caused very poor client and server performance in
    Cyrodiil on both megaservers.

Combat & Gameplay


  • Fixed an issue where support abilities appeared to gray out on the
    ability bar if you targeted a neutral critter, such as a rabbit or a

Alliance War


  • Continuous Attack: Fixed an issue where the weapon damage for this
    ability was not displaying properly in the character panel after a
    load screen.


Storm Calling

  • Bolt Escape: After using Bolt Escape, the next use within 4 seconds
    costs 50% more.

Crafting & Economy


  • Adjusted the amount of inspiration required for ranks 25 and 26 in
    order to provide a smoother curve between the ranks.

Note: This change will not cause you to go down a rank regardless of where you would have fallen on the inspiration spectrum.

Dungeons & Group Content


  • Fixed an issue with treasure chests so more than one groupmate can
    now loot the chest before it disappears.

Exploration & Itemization


  • Fixed an issue where Veteran Rank treasure chests were not dropping
    Veteran Rank enchantment glyphs.Reduced the debuff to armor and spell
    resist for the Wise Mage Item Set Bonus.We have slightly reduced the
    rate at which you can get items from chests for completing Magical
    Anomalies in Craglorn.



  • Fixed an issue where some quest achievements appeared to have
    vanished after patch 1.1.2. All your achievement data still existed
    and was not compromised – this was strictly a visual UI issue.



  • Hircine’s Gift: You will now be able to attack in werewolf form while
    on this quest.Imperial Infiltration: This quest will no longer
    disappear from your quest log after finding the three spies.


  • Lights of Meridia: You will now receive the achievement if you chose
    to side with the warriors.


  • Magical Anomaly crystals no longer grant experience or Veteran
    Points. The boss creatures that spawn at the end of Magical Anomaly
    encounters are unchanged.Increased the Veteran Points and gold
    rewards for the following daily quests:

Shada’s TearRahni’ZaSeeker’s ArchiveElinhirSpellscar

Reaper’s March

  • The Sorcerer Division: You will no longer be blocked if you kill
    Einnel or Irgun before the announcer completes the introduction.

The Rift

  • Sinmur’s Fall: This quest will no longer get stuck at the quest step
    “Defeat all Worm Cultists in the Area.”


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Bolt Escape: After using Bolt Escape, the next use within 4 seconds
costs 50% more.


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!


Some one said it doesn’t really break the skill though.


^ its not that bad…Yeah, cant go 14-15 bolts continuously anymore; however, w/ dark exchange its still almost endless.