Path of Exile - Strats guild information



The [Strats] guild is out of mothballs and back at it!

As many of you know, a fair few of us around here play the Path of Exile leagues (especially since Blizzard stopped doing meaningful Season updates a couple years back for Diablo 3). Not everyone plays every league, but we decided it was time to get an actual thread up and talk about how things are running this league for those that are interested and/or already participating.

I am hype! What’s new?

Honestly, a lot. Like, a whole lot. As I’m not playing this league, I’m far from versed in all the goings-on, but the most incredible update (IMO) is this: you can now play with players of differing levels without ruining the lower-level players’ experience. It used to be that playing down would cause almost 0 XP gain for lower level players, which made grouping with a level discrepancy a real drag. This league there’s a scaling system similar to Guild Wars 2 and other games that scales the higher-level player down and doesn’t ruin XP gain.

Now, let’s do get to the official bits.

Guild Leadership

Acting Guild Leader: @SenorCatPoop

I currently still retain the Guild Leader position in game, but I’m not playing this league; as such, SeñorCatPoop has volunteered to step up and handle the responsibilities. He may be listed as an Officer in game, but for all intents and purposes he’s running the show this league. I am available as well to log in and handle things if need be or if he is unavailable. SeñorCatPoop isn’t much of a forum guy, so the easiest way to get in touch with him is via Discord if you have questions, need help with a build theorycraft, etc.

As required, additional Officers may be appointed, but for now there isn’t much of a reason given there’s very little in-game functionality to the role and thus no reason to bloat the rank with more people.

The Guild Stash

The Guild Stash is currently loaded up with an assortment of low-level uniques and rares that will aid players in their leveling experience. These items are sorted based on their type in the appropriate Stash Tabs (attack class weapons are in AtkWep, caster weapons are in CasWep, armor and jewelry is in Armor). The intent is for these items to be loaned out and returned to the Guild Stash when you’re finished with them. Please only take what you need for a given character and be sure to return items when you outgrow/replace them (Maps notwithstanding, obviously). If you can’t use a piece of gear, don’t withdraw it and sit on it until you can; someone else might like to use it.

The Maps4Completion tab contains several low- and mid-tier maps; please only use these maps for filling out your Atlas (i.e., if you’ve already done an Atoll map, you don’t need to be taking the Atoll map out of the Guild Stash). In the future, we hope to put in a tab where players can take and leave maps they don’t want/need so other Guild Members can pick through them.

To keep the Guild Stash organized, the only place Guild Members can place items is the Deposit tab. The Officers will put items/maps in the appropriate location. If an item isn’t needed, it will be offered up in Guild Chat or sold to help us purchase things we do need. If you see an item you want to borrow from the guild in the Deposit tab, you’re free to take it, but understand that we expect it to be returned when you’re done unless otherwise stated. Please don’t just use the Deposit tab as a trashcan for random uniques/rares you don’t want. In general, we only want to see items being returned, specific leveling gear (i.e. Tabula Rasa, Atziri’s Foible, Elreon Rings, etc.), and replacement Maps deposited in there.

Please don’t be a shitbird and steal from the guild stash; my ban hammer is swift, unforgiving, and permanent. We want to help one another get to the endgame and get our respective grinds on; there’s no sense robbing your guildies of relatively-inexpensive gear when there’s way more swank loot to get.

Be excellent to each other.

If anyone wants to help expand the Guild Stash’s capacity, feel free to donate MTX Points to the guild (new Stash Tabs are 50 points/ea) and message me on the forums or Discord so I can go buy the tab(s) for us; Strats’ Glorious Patrons and our Amazon/Humble affiliation earnings funded the Stash and 4 bonus tabs we have; an honest and hearty “Thanks!” to everyone for the continued support!


  • [Strats] is back
  • @SenorCatPoop is the acting Guild Leader this league
    • hit him up on Discord or in game
    • hit me up on the forums or Discord if he’s unavailable
  • Stealing from the Guild Stash is not a victimless crime
    • Please actually read up on how the Guild Stash is being used if you’re playing this league
  • Luck, loot, and levels :wink:



Is POE ultrawide mode?


Yeah it is.


Been playing the league from the start, which was… I think the 7th. Been splitting my time between my Arc Ele Witch and my Consecrated Path Crit Chieftain. Thinking of trying the new league gems out and running a Storm Brand build. The mechanics are pretty interesting (pairing with Brand Recall) and a Storm Brand build can get a little tanky.

This league is also the first time I’ve actually completed the game story-wise. Been playing since 2012, when it was in beta, but never really got into the game. I’ve put easily 100 non-AFK hours in in the last 2 weeks and can’t wait to see how the league goes for the next 2 and a half months. BUT, just playing this league has almost completely converted me from Diablo to PoE lol. I had to decide between the new PoE League and the D2 Ladder reset, which both happened on the same day. I chose PoE, because I didn’t want to do 50000000000000000000000 Uber Baal runs lol.


Fuck, ain’t that the truth.

I’m definitely a full POE convert at this point from D2/3; Blizzard’s gonna have to do better than Immortal to get me back (a lot better).


Hey y’all;

@Auth isn’t kidding… I don’t come on the forums much (read as; ever). If you want to get in touch with me in game and discord will be about equally as fast. Just use @SenorCatPoop in the discord server so I get an alert/it pops on my overlay in game.

If I had to call a game my main game, I’d probably call it PoE. If anyone saw how hard a few of us were grinding in Monster Hunter World, I grind even harder at PoE!

Happy to help with any questions anyone has about;

  • Build theorycrafting (what’s good, what’s popular, what’s newbie friendly, how to min/max your current char, etc.).
  • Mechanics (how skills, items, etc. interact).
  • How to make the monies (where/what to farm, currency strategies)
  • What to do with all of the current mechanics (Bestiary, Incursion, Delve, Betrayal)
  • Crafting
  • Leveling (finishing the main story content)
  • Mapping (endgame content)
  • Ascendancies and the Labyrinth
  • External tools (Trade sites, in game macros, wealth trackers, loot filters)

Also let me know if there’s an item you believe should be in the guild stash as part of our leveling gear. The intent is that you could start a new character and progress through all of the gear in order for a nice smooth leveling process.

I’ll keep the map tab filled up. If it’s tier 1 through tier 10 and is white, the purpose is that you could go and do all of your atlas completion. If you’ve got some random maps that you don’t want to do, drop them in the deposit tab and I’ll sort them out. Anything along the bottom (for now, this might change) of the maps tab is fair game to just grab and do. I’ll be throwing elemental reflect maps down there; I literally one shot myself. If we get some MTX monies maybe we’ll put up a guild tab that’s just a place for everyone to drop/take maps that were no good for their previous owner.

Furthermore about maps; if I see anyone logged on I’ll link whatever maps I’m about to do while farming in guild chat. If you need it for atlas completion just hit me up and you can jump in before the boss to get credit.

If anyone ever needs help with Ascendancies I’m happy to carry you for any lab tier. Kind of like with maps, if I get a trial of ascendancy in one of my maps I’ll let y’all know in guild chat in case you need it.

Good luck- see you in game or on Discord :poop:


I tried to play this game once, in the before times.
It does look interesting.

I’m curious, is there PvP in PoE? And if so, in what form does it manifest itself?


Boy ain’t lying; if we used a knee-high poop sock for MHW, he’s got a set of leggings for PoE.

Yes; it manifests in arena skill-spam-fests, generally (none in the open world).


Maybe someday they’ll bring back the PvP leagues. Those were griefing fests a lot of the time, but they could tweak it to make it more balanced.