Path to Affiliate Check in

Hey Strategist streamers, I want to support you. What’s your path looking like?



Great idea to do this so we can better support our streamers

Here is my progress
freshie path to affiliate

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Not even gonna post an image of mine.

I am 0 of 4.

You have 6 viewers on your vodcast right now lol

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Is it a good idea to run vodcasts regularly?

I’ve never done one. The idea is that you’re supposed to sit and chat with the viewers I think, and I don’t have much time for that honestly.


Slow & steady… slow & steady…

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I noticed that but I honestly have no idea who they are. The viewer list only shows 2 or 3 at most. I guess it is people viewing who aren’t logged in.

This vodcast was an idea I had. I put together the 3 Overwatch videos currently on my account and started playing. Someone is obviously watching them.

I haven’t discovered yet if vodcasts count toward these Twitch achievements.

I would be interested in this.

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they do count toward the achievements but in my experience there not a good idea until after u meet ur goals.

Why is that?

a lot of people like to watch live streams so viewer counts tend to drop so it lowers ur overall 30 day avg.

Gotcha, that makes sense. The fact that the numbers are an average does make it interesting. I wonder if they include 0 events in the average.

Im on the path to partner and the avg viewers is where the struggle lives. I stream for enough hours that’s never been a problem, it’s getting my followers to all watch at the same time hahaha

I’m just a hobbyist but I think if you have the followers, you may want to start creating scheduled events for every time you stream at a regular time.

And after today’s experiment…



It works!

Initial impression is that vodcast time does not count for “stream” time. It doesn’t look like my stream time increased after my 2-hour vodcast.

Mine did according to the “Stream Summary” I just got on Twitch’s dashboard thingy.

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Doesn’t look like mine has updated.