Pay for planting a 8x8 scarecrow garden?

How does that work? I got everything to grow a bunch of olives but it says not available to free accounts. What exactly do we do anyone?

So this is referring to "Patron Status"
While ArcheAge is a Free to Play game, there is an option to pay a subscription fee ($15.00/month) and get some bonuses. The bonuses include increased XP gain, Unlimited Access to the Auction House, and the ability to claim and own land.

But as land is hard to come by these days, I would check with @Zymora, our fearless leader, and see if there is some land available for use up in the Guild Compound in Karkasse Ridgelands.

Ok thanks Wayward. P2P is normal. either the game charges $$ to play or they work on" donations". I dont mind a small fee to complete the gaming experience.I am still in the vetting process whether to stay on Archeage and buy in atm.The server we are on has enough space for small farms which would at least keep a character in coin.

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