PAYDAY 2 Day of Play with Auth



#Let’s do this thing!
So, for those who are somehow still in the dark, PAYDAY 2 is currently free-to-play on Steam until Sunday. I’m going to be playing most of tomorrow (Saturday, 15 October) starting around 1pm EDT and would love some company. I don’t care if you’ve never played or if you preordered the game and have 1,000’s of hours logged. I’m going to be talking builds, showing folks some tricks to various heists, doing a spot of powerleveling, and generally just running amok. If it sounds like something you’d be interested in checking out or you have some free time, download the game today (I have to work this evening) and play through the tutorials to get a basic understanding of the controls.

#What should I do as a completely new player?
Now, if there’s one thing I don’t care for overmuch with PAYDAY 2, it’s the menu interface; the developers definitely went with a “form over function” mentality, so things can be a bit tricky to navigate. When you first start up, it may offer you a chance to go to your safe house. You can or you can skip it; it’s neat to poke around in, but it’s not going to help you with anything.

Once you make it to the main menu, you’re going to want to click on CRIME.NET to open the mission selection menu.

Once you get here, you’ll notice all kinds of popup-looking things your screen. These are missions either available for you to start for free or currently being hosted by other players. Don’t worry about them for now; we’re here for the gameplay tutorials. Find THE BASICS in the lower-left side of your screen (you may have to click-and-drag the menu to see it; again, not the biggest fan of the navigation’s functionality).

Once you click that, a much more traditional menu will pop up and offer you two different jobs: FLASH DRIVE - STEALTH and GET THE COKE - LOUD. I recommend doing GET THE COKE first, but it honestly doesn’t matter so long as you do both.

Once you play both of these, you’ll get an achievement and a trophy for your safe house, but more importantly you’ll get a few experience points and a basic understanding of the formats missions come in (loud pewpew death or sneaky-pants stealth) along with a cursory explanation of assorted interaction options. This is by no means everything there is to know, but it’s a great starting place.

So, whether you’ve played before or not, I hope you’ll come out tomorrow and heist with me. You can easily find my Steam account (and other Strategists) in our official Steam group; see y’all tomorrow :wink:


I suppose I should try it out… You know… Since I bought it…


Same, shame I have to work tomorrow though.


I’ll make sure i bring the crew @Miguera @Tekkatron
But remember to:


I dunno, @Biggles7268, you’re looking a bit under the weather to me :wink:


Had a solid couple hours, going to take a break for a bit then hit it again around dinner time :wink:


I have today off if you’re still doing any gaming.


I’m down to try it


I’m not sure if it’s still free-to-play today, but I will be on for a bit today :wink:


I’ll join you But not till i have used my 3 day boost on Planetside 2 only then!!