PAYDAY 2 Event and Sale!



#10 Days of stuff and things!
So, I’ve only been playing this game for about a month after a friend bought it for me, but I wish I’d been playing longer. @Wayward made a nice post about it a while back, I just didn’t bite; I regret that decision. This game is a wonderful coop game where you and up to 3 other players run about causing all manner of chaos in an effort to get rich. If you own it and are missing some DLC, or you haven’t ever bought into it, now’s as good a time as ever: everything is 75% off!

This event is adding new difficulties, new enemies, new heists, new weapons, new masks, new throwables, a new safe house, and a new NPC voiced by John fucking Cleese, people.

Still (somehow) not sure about the game? It’s free to play until the 16th on Steam!

Check it out :wink:

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I’ve owned the game since it was released. I’ve put in some decent hours, survived my (then 2-year-old) son deleting my character and having to build him up again.

It is a great co-op game and a whole lot of fun when your team is on voice chat together. I haven’t played a lot in the past year so I’m not familiar with the latest updates and changes.


Well for 5 bucks it’s not really something you can pass up is it.