Payday 2: It's awesome and you should play it!



I started playing Payday 2 a couple days ago. I bought it months before when it was on sale through steam.
@Biff_Tannen and @Majordomo were in the mumble playing PD2 last week and I figured I would join them, EXCELLENT CHOICE!

This game is so much fun, there is plenty of action, violence, tactical decisions, violence, daring escapes, violence, brilliant schemes, violence, dangerous obstacles to overcome, and violence.

For most missions you can choose to go Stealthy, sneaking in, avoiding/disabling cameras, taking out the guards and then subdue the civilians taking as many hostages as you can. Once you have the building under your control, you can take your time securing the loot.

Going Stealth

For these missions it’s important to look as casual as possible before you start the heist, carrying weapons that are less noticeable, preferably with suppressors. Approach wearing your finest suit, check the place out to locate all the guards, cameras, and loot!

Once you’ve cased the place and have a plan, put on your mask and go to work! It’s important to make sure you’re keeping the civilians in check so no one calls the police while you’re working.


Your first obstacle when going in stealth, is usually a camera or two. Get too much face time with one of these and that blue question mark turns into a red exclamation point, and that is when things go bad. You can use certain gadgets to interfere with their signal and then shoot them down, or just take out the guard watching the screens.

Speaking of guards.


These are the other things that make your life difficult when you’re trying to go stealthy. I know what you’re thinking, just shoot him and be done with it, and you’re partially right but the guard offers his own forms of complication.

The second that guard sees you and he get’s a red exclamation point over his head, he makes a call on his radio. When you kill him, you have to get to his body and answer the page from his company or the alarm will be raised. Also, cause to many pages, and they send in more guards. Cause more pages after that and they raise the alarm.

So if that sounds like a lot of hassle to you, then there is another option. . .

Going Loud

Now it’s time to armor up, and bring your biggest, baddest boomsticks! When you go loud, there is no turning back. The cops are going crash against you like so many waves upon the rocks, and like the rocks you must remain unmoved!

When you go loud, you go to war. The cops will send wave after wave at you, and when that doesn’t work, they will up the ante with special forces that make your job even more difficult. And if it doesn’t sound crazy enough to massacre hundreds of cops and swat, you still have to steal whatever you came for in the first place while all that is going on!

But going loud has it’s own hassles, such as an army of police constantly trying to shoot your face.


Your standard boy in blue. Not much armor, not much of a problem.


Like a cop, but harder to kill.


Swat with a shield. Dance around them and shoot them in the back, or Armor Piercing rounds and Explosives work too!


These Jagbags tase you, stunning you in place while their friends shoot you a lot. You’ll learn to fear the sound of a taser charging up.


Heavily armored, and heavily armed. The Bulldozer is no friggin joke! Aim for the head or hit him with explosives.


Appears out of nowhere and kills you. Yep, that’s what he does.

So now that you’ve got an idea of what awaits you.
Come and rob some banks and stuff with me.
[Please be aware that this post does not do the game justice. It’s way better than my crappy description.]

K thanks bye!

PAYDAY 2 Event and Sale!

We have to find one more so we can run all Strats heists.


@teh_ninjaneer plays. The trick is getting us all on at the same time. :smiley:


This is a good introduction to the game. Great job @Wayward

I purchased the game at release and currently own all DLC. I play very casually though.

My 3 year old has reset my character multiple times before the option to reset was removed from the opening screen. He enjoys the game and has downloaded the demo on 360 to play on his own time. He likes guns.

I generally prefer to build my character focused on one skill tree rather than mixing from all 4-5. I’m considering switching to Enforcer or Technician. I know there’s not much for pure Enforcer to do during stealth missions (other than carrying the heavy stuff) but he’s nice to have around when things go bad.


I have it too. I used to play with @MilezOnWheelz.


That saw comes in real handy for missions like Gold Bank. Getting into those lock boxes.


I would love to tear into someone with the saw. Melee madness.

Does the saw work during stealth? I have honestly never looked at the enforcer tree. Maybe there’s a talent to make it run silent.


I don’t think so, but on most stealth missions by the time you need the saw you’ve already got the building under control so a little noise is okay.


Every team needs some muscle. Maybe this is my calling. Especially since @Majordomo has taken mastermind from me.

I really need to run some quick missions and get mods for my weapons. I need to threaten some shields.


There is a talent to make the saw silent


i am going muscle. @teh_ninjaneer bought the lmg:D


Whaaaaaat. I guess I’m back to shouting at people and waving my pistol.


Man, this is such a great game. I run a solid dodge build that has let me stand in the way of 2 miniguns without being hit for 10 minutes.

That being said, it’s more of a sick hybrid of stealth and loud that often finds me the last one alive on DW.


I remember those times…payday 2 was a great game for the first few weeks/months but I just got bored with the repetition…well I shouldn’t say repetition it got boring because @Poosh, @Masivemurder, @Shazare and I ran together and could run every mission pretty easily on Deathwish. So I guess we got stopped because we were too good :stuck_out_tongue:


I think you have an addiction to DLC


I would play with y’all, but I have it on the PS3. It’s not really my forte, however.


Good read! :smile: