Payday 2 on Steam


Payday 2 is on sale (Steam) for $9.99! Anyone else picking this game up, or already playing?

Steam ID: Poosh


Oh snap, @Shazare and @Masivemurder play this I think.


I sincerely hope that all of you that see this buy Payday 2 this weekend. It’s a fantastic, highly fun-filled game with a killer soundtrack and civilians to murder and put in body bags around one civilian that’s tied up and throw a grenade into the pile of body bags and watch the body bags fly as the civilian hits the ceiling.

But you can’t do that anymore because they restricted the body bag count to 1 per person, 2 if you have a skill, and 3 additional bags as an asset. 2/10 worst patch.


Used to be very easy, this was fixed in the Death Wish update. Would highly recommend it.


Anyone down for some PayDay 2 this week?


I’m down for some Payday 2, hit me on


Sure, i’ll play whenever.


I’m down to play. We non-wildstarerererers need something to do :frowning: