PAYDAY 2 Ultimate Edition Coming to Steam June 8th, 85% off all DLC's until then



#But what does it all mean?!
If there’s one thing I don’t like about OVERKILL Software, it’s that they have no concept of brevity or keeping things simple (yeah yeah, pot and kettle). So, here’s a short and sweet list of what all this means:

  • PAYDAY 2 has tons of DLC, but they’re almost all going to be available (along with the base game) for $45 starting June 8th on Steam
    • It will also be 10% off for a short time
    • Unavailable DLC’s will be limited availability DLC’s like the Completely OVERKILL Pack (sold a while back for a short time and never again since) and the Ethan and Hila DLC (yes, there’s an H3H3 DLC)
  • All DLC’s save the most recent Ethan and Hila DLC are 85% off from yesterday until June 8th
    • All proceeds from the Ethan and Hila DLC are going to Ethan and Hila (YouTube-related drama)
  • PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition will be a Steam bundle and prorate its cost based on what DLC’s you already own
    • The more you own, the cheaper it will be
  • PAYDAY 2 will continue to get free updates from now until October 2018
    • No more paid DLC’s; all future updates will be free
  • All owners of PAYDAY 2 will get all free updates that are coming out
    • You don’t have to buy the Ultimate Edition to get them
  • PAYDAY 3 is in preproduction (***HYPE!***); more details to come

I did a write-up last year that’s still got a lot of good information about what the different DLC’s are and such. It doesn’t include any of the recent DLC’s, but it’s a great starting point for those unsure of what they might want to pick up (assuming you’re not planning to wait for the Ultimate Edition). The full, extremely-wordy details are available here:


This made my day.


I’m down for some Payday 2. It’s been a while so I’ll have to remember how to play without pissing everyone off.


This is the best way to play sometimes. Who doesn’t enjoy a massive firefight with SWAT who instantly kill you.


This made me think of SWAT 4 and now I miss SWAT 4 and DAMN YOU.


I played the hell out of some PayDay 2 with @Shazare back in the day.


I played a lot before but I don’t think I’ve played with Strats. We should get our game on.


I haven’t played since release, and i’ve never played with strats, but i’ll reinstall