[PC] Destiny 2: Strikes, Nightfalls, Raid



So, ideally I would like to coordinate a time for us to do the Raids (obviously the hardest part to get a large group of people to try and play) but imma leave this thread here just to let everyone know, I’m looking to do any kind of PvE content with you guys. Preferrably no patrols or public events unless we’re talking milestones (or at least not for long periods of time), ideally Power 230+, but feel free to add me or to respond this thread with your gamer tag and/or window of availability.

I’m 270 as of now on both Warlock and Titan, and my schedule tends to be all over the place but my usual times would be anywhere between 23 to 12h UTC (most likely to find me around 23-02 UTC). That’d be 17 to 20h and all the way up to 06 CST for y’all in the US, but if you’re interested in getting your PvE freak on by all means, add me up and we’ll be able to figure something out. My tag’s Ottomic#2921.


Don’t hold me to this, but I think you’ll find a new way to coordinate raids, nightfalls & other such fireteam related stuff in Discord in the near future.

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