PC Division Dead?



As a season pass holder, it pains me to ask the question for fear of the answer in cold hard type but…

is the pc contingent for division dead? should i start divesting and begin training myself to find a new multiplayer PC game?

guess i’m going back to rs6siege.


lvl 30+ content i am not bothering with until some solid answers come outta Massive. Lvl 14 DZ bracket is now my home (and surprisingly a populated place). Once i hit rank 25 I’ll level up to 19 then head back in. Welcome to join me :slight_smile: and if you are wanting/needing someone for lvl 30 i am still down for co-op. Ping me via any of our messaging platforms.


I dont think it is dead. Casual player still enjoy it. A couple friends just got the game and are playing every night.

Calling @maam.ve as he is one of them who plays every night.


I, as well, am definitely on hiatus for a bit until things are a bit less buggy. I’m going to start logging back in to plug away at daily stuff more, but I won’t be putting in any hard grinds in the near future.


I got a free copy of the game with purchase of a video card. I’m level 6.

Hopefully I will make 30 one day but at this time I’m working on Dark Souls 3 with Battleborn and Overwatch coming in May.


Sounds good. At this point outside of roaming DZ and doing dailies, interested in tackling incursions and doing DZ squad play. I picked up DS3 having never played one in the franchise and tortured myself by starting a deprived character.

Also appreciate that probably my time zone may not overlap with some of the folks playing division but will be on the lookout and hit LFG more.