PC player looking for ESO guild that isn't terrible


I’m an extremely casual player with a very short attention span but I have been known to stick with a few mmos for at least 5 or 6 minutes.

Let’s just forget about the years I spent all my time playing WoW instead of going to college in the 2000s…

Anyway, just picked up ESO, I’m barely level 7 - but I like the game so far. My wife is not a gamer and my son can’t read yet (he’s almost not terrible at mario kart though. almost.), so I’m looking for a guild. You guys seem like you’re not the absolute worst.

I will barely be online actually playing, btw. I tend to not enjoy my time just reading about the game and what choices I’m not going to make, but if I do make it on it’ll generally be from around 9pm-12am EST.

Same name on ESO - bwdur - looking forward to it.


@Vocino, we got some work to do.

Also, welcome to the party! What system are you playing on (we’ve got folks on PS4 and PC, just need to know who to nudge so we can get you an invite)? Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:





Also, I apparently can’t read thread titles :wink:


Well now we both just look like idiots.


I’m used to it; par for the course, really.


welcome to strats! and don’t worry, gamer ADD is strong with the strats crew.


Welcome to Strats! The bar is well stocked so feel free to grab a :beer: or :cocktail: while you’re here!



Welcome to the circus!


I don’t know if I’m prepared for the pressure of living up to “not the absolute worst” as a standard.


.gifs in this thread are on point.


I feel really bad about setting the bar so high.


:strats_blue: :strats_green: :strats_grey: :strats_orange:


Welcome to Strats! I’m glad we’re not the worst!


Welp… at least we aren’t the worst… I still need to start playing ESO… now that I have people to play with. :smiley:
And welcome @bwdur to the not worst guild on ESO as well as several other games! :wink:


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