[PC] The Division Free Weekend 12/15-12/19 + Ubi30 free games



In case anyone out there was still curious, The Division is F2P this weekend on PC, via Uplay or Steam. Access is to the base game, but excludes the DLC content (Underground, Survival). Progress is retained should you wish to buy a full copy.

Also, if you missed out you can get the free games Ubisoft offered for its 30th anniversary via Uplay. 12/15-12/18. Includes:

  • Prince of Persia (OG)
  • Splinter Cell
  • Rayman Origins
  • The Crew
  • Beyond Good & Evil
  • FarCry 3 Blood Dragon
  • Assassin’s Creed 3



Dooooooooooo I want to give The Division another chance?


i recently reinstalled the Division because I heard the new survival mode is great. When I logged in I realized the Survival Mode is part of the second expansion and I couldn’t bring myself to spend another $15 on this game. The base game was so disappointing to me, that it increases the risk involved with investing another $15 into it.


I returned to the Division on PS4 for about three weeks. Did not get to play Survival. It has improved a lot, but there’s still some ooomph missing from the end game. With 4 of us, the HVTs and Daily missions were pretty easy and semi-rewarding, and the one Incursion we tried was too hard for the effort we wanted to put in.


If you have the season pass, give survival a chance next week, it’s enjoyable. May not keep the game afloat forever but still a good experience.

@Vocino…yes, yes you do want to replay it :grinning:



That’s what I was expecting with OG price of persia.