PC vs PS4 versions?

Any major pros vs cons on whether to get pc version over the ps4?
I’m tending to ignore my mbp except for work or photography now. Only games I play rarely on my Mac are LoL and Hearthstone.

I play mostly on my PC, though my MBP is ok for it, (I use a Logitech mouse on my mac as the right click is important to me in Minecraft. ) I played the 360 version but I find myself preferring the mouse and keyboard. Plus: mods are free and you can use the curse client to manage them if you are lazy like me.


I’m assuming I can’t connect to the Strat’s server on PS4 either?

Are there ways at least to wall off the console version so you only share a world with your friends or is it completely wide open?

I would have to look. I think it’s invite only.

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I believe the biggest drawbacks are the lack of custom servers and mods. In a game like Minecraft, it’s really all about tinkering.

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Thanks for advice both! I’ve remotely set up the ps4 to download the demo…if seems appealing but also won’t totally become minecrack, I’ll buy the pc version :wink:

You can do invite only sessions on the PS4 to share with just friends and invite them to worlds you’ve played on by yourself. You can’t do cross platform with the PC version. For what it’s worth, the PS4 version is very well done. It’s got worlds almost as big as the PC version and about 90% of the content the PC has. Console versions will always come second to the PC version, but they keep it updated frequently (I think the PS4 version just got a patch with horses and new types of blocks).

I would recommend the PC version for what Vocino said, the tinkering. Plus it looks like they are trying to get people to play on Strats servers.

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On the plus side, Minecraft will run on almost any hardware so you don’t need some monster gaming rig to enjoy it.

There are two other perks to the PC/Mac side of the house (which can play with each other and connect to the same servers) and the console versions that haven’t been pointed out yet:

  1. World size: Console Minecraft has some major world size limitations. The PS3/360 version is 862x862 blocks; PS4/XB1 Minecraft is 36 times larger, which is huge, don’t get me wrong. PC/Mac Minecraft maps, however, are, effectively, limitless. The hard limit where chunks are overwritten is at X/Z of ±34,359,738,368, making the world at most 68,719,476,736 meters wide and long, which is about 4,722,366,482,869,645 km2. When compared to Earth’s total surface area, 510,072,000 km2, this works out to be about 9,258,235 times that :wink: On top of that, since the PC side of the house has the ability to setup servers, we can dedicate gobs more resources to running the game to support a much larger player base; you’re not going to find a way to run anywhere close to the player limit we’ve put on the Strats server (63 players) on a console, and we’re running a middle-of-the-road server, hardware-wise.

  2. Updates: Because of the nightmare that is updating on Microsoft’s and Sony’s systems, along with the hardware limitations they had been dealing with, console Minecraft does not have all the content available for the PC/Mac release. For example, the most recent version is 1.8.1. Because we’re playing with some admin tools (which are never 100% caught up with the most recent version) we’re playing on 1.7.10 on the Strats server. The most recent update to the console versions added an assortment of features from PC versions ranging from 1.4.2-1.6.4.


Definitely good to know!
Am I right in my brief glance on net that the Pocket version for mobiles/tablets runs on a separate platform or can it connect to a pc hosted server?

It is a separate version. You can play with other people who have the pocket version on your local network.

I will say that I bought it for my daughter :wink: and it is holding me over until I can log back in tonight.


It actually can connect to a PC-hosted server, but the only people that can connect to said server are other Pocket version users.

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