People bailing on Star Citizen! SELL ASAP!



If you have ships in Star Citizen it may be time to sell those guys off and wait out the damage.

People are mass leaving the game right now and it isn’t pretty.

I know of at least 2 major communities that have already backed out of the game completely and I hear that goon is on their way out as well if not fully out at this point!


But why are they leaving?


Did something change? I’m only into it for the starter ship thing (I think like $60) so I’ll just wait it out.


The last video they published shows that the AI state of the game isn’t even functional past a super basic stage.

Coupled with then quietly laying off people (Unconfirmed) it has people super wary about continued involvement with the company. A few “Big Fish” from another community talked about their meetings with Roberts and how it killed any desire for them to even go near it with more funding (above 10k).


this is pretty disappointing. but like @vocino, i’m only into it for about $60. if there was a way to make a few hundo on that or something, i might consider selling it, but i doubt i would see anything like that. especially if people are leaving in droves.


Why on earth would anyone spend $10,000 on a game they can’t play? That is just so ridiculous to me. I can only imagine it’s a lack of impulse control.

Buying Star Citizen ships is not an investment. There is no return except for the opportunity to play the game.

PS: If anyone is interested in actually making investments in game companies, structures deals pretty well.



Let me just say, Goons have been against Star Citizen ever since they found out they weren’t going to be given carte blanche to grief other players. It has nothing to do with the game itself, just a vocal minority putting the horse before the buggy attempting to throw shade on the project. SA has been campaigning for over a year trying to create a refund cascade to spite CIG.

However on the topic of the last AtV. What I took away from it was AI was coming along very nicely, but part of the reason they haven’t shown it because animation is not up to the standards to leave a good impression of the underlying AI complexity. And considering the flak they get from failed “indie game dev” and a community of petulant children, I’m not surprised they want to put their best foot forward.


I can definitely see that @senNish. Sounds about right for SA (I used to be there daily).


clickBAIT!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s definitely delayed again more than many anticipated but as @senNish says, it’s more of animations not jiving well with complexity of AI and then a few groups’ overreaction and/or pot-stirring by some goons.

Also, I wouldn’t be surprised to start seeing people leaving as some of the positions complete their objectives aren’t able to move into other teams that still have a lot of work to do, such as AI, netcode and animations which need specific skill sets.


Good luck. Can’t seem to sell my ships


I’m in a bit more than $60, but nothing I wasn’t comfortable losing were the project to tank (no Completionist pack here, or anything even remotely near it ;)). I plan to ride it out to see what comes (and I’m still optimistic we’ll get a game out of it).


Managed to sell 215$ worth of ships last night. Now i’m only 90$ in