Permission Specific Commands Ankhbot



Im new to the whole ankhbot deal and couldnt be happier however i have afew issues on how to do things.

  1. I wish to require people to have a certain rank before being able to use some commands. I see permission levels but dont know how to use them as when i type something along the following +r (response here) i get in chat +r (response here) instead of something like: sorry you cant use that you dont have the required rank
  2. I figured out how to use ankhbot to remove points so ican make commands cost points but i dont know how to get ankhbot from not using the command if they dont have the required points. How do i do this?
  3. I have already sent an email but in case mark doesnt get back to me. I have some users who have reached the required points tobe a certain rank however ankhbot has not updated their rank. It has however updated my rank the only difference between us being they reached it through the minigame and not just watching as i have.Does someone have a fix for this?

Thank you all for any help you can give me!


@ThatDoomThough, attend!


Lemme do a little work figuring out Ankhbot @Sage_Olsen and I can help you out for sure.

It actually took me some time to figure this out myself!


Thank you very much invaderdoom as said any and allhelp is greatly apreciated


okay so i almost have everything worked out however i dont know how to make it so ankhbot itself can activate a sfx in a command. aka you slap someone and upon succeeding it plays a slap sound