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This is like our first introductions all over again. :'D Brings a tear to my eye, as it feels like it was so long ago I was just a brand new scrub to these forums. Anyway, in case it wasn't painfully obvious, my name is Peter, and I'm a 28 year old gamer from Pennsylvania. I grew up in a shady town, and was able to stay away from the drugs and violence that claimed lives weekly and go on to graduate college from a little college called [Robert Morris University][1].

I actually started college in the IT field, but switched to Business Management because I didn’t want to sit at a desk for eight hours a day. Guess who was surprised after I graduated that I’m still sitting behind a desk for eight hours a day? :slight_smile: Since then, my background has been a very big hybrid of project management work (business) in the IT field (IT). You know the big running joke that business guys and IT guys cannot communicate with each other? I typically try to bridge that gap.

I’ve also found a huge love in heathcare and fitness during my professional life, and have been in the industry for about six years now. I led a project team that developed an application for diagnosing and treating stroke, and am now a database administrator (Access and currently learning SQL) for one of the largest sports nutrition and fitness retailers in the world. I found that I actually really enjoy big data, data warehousing, and BI, so it’s been an incredible learning experience.

More personally, I live with my girlfriend, whom, after a vast and unsuccessful dating experience, can confidently say is the love of my life. I adore her greatly, and found what it’s like to be in a true partnership. She truly is my player 2. We’ve only been dating for about eight months, but we’ve known each other since we were in diapers (I know, a gag worthy story full of so much corny it’ll make you puke… I love every second of it). I also have another very important part of my life, which is my sister. She means the world to me, and is one of the biggest lights in my life. I couldn’t imagine life in this world without either of these two women. When I’m not streaming on a scheduled plan, chances are it’s because I’m with one of them.

Current Game(s) I'm Playing:

- Transistor... SOON (TM) - Elite: Dangerous - Crypt of the Necrodancer - Various phone games

Twitch Life

As you know, I try and stream daily, but due to my own brain issues, working a full time job, and life's nuances, that's not always the case. I'm pretty transparent about my life on Twitter to allow people ample time to know when I'm on and around. The people who come to my stream know what I'm about though. I'm a no-nonsense, no bullshit kind of guy, and the people come there just for that. The chat often goes off on the wildest tangents, and I have a very strong group of followers who have been with me for quite a while, and truly make the chat everything that it is. My goal was to create an environment that removed the toxicity and hostility I had been seeing everywhere, and thus far have been very successful in that endeavor.

My accomplishments since streaming (Jan 2014):

  • Reached 350 followers.
  • Ran one successful charity run (Breast Cancer Awareness, 2014).
  • Ran one 12 hour stream.
  • Hosted a few giveaways (gift cards, gaming goodies, and random games from my collection).
  • Met some very amazing friends. <3
  • Finally started beating my games. No really, this is huge.

Social Media

**Twitter** - [PeterThomas6][2] **Facebook**- [PeterThomas6][3] **Twitch** - [PeterThomas6][4] **YouTube** - [PeterThomas6][5]