Pfffft thought I had a beta invite!



Damn you planetside!


yeah me too!! i got an email and was so excited until i opened it up…lol


O come on why another email. This is beyond cruel!


They got me last time lol. This time NO hopes went up when I saw it


Yea I was leery this time. But does look like should be getting in soon


They got me every time NO More!


Same here but apparently they’re going to be doing a stress test on Tuesday so there will likely be a ton of invites sent out.


They really enjoy teasing us


On the up side, I did get my new beta key for the next phase of testing, just in case any of y’all were worried about me :wink:

Seriously though, am I still alone in this thing? I’d’ve thought by now someone else would’ve gotten in.


Your alone, for now. Hopefully they are still sending some more out. If not let me know how it is!


It’s pretty top except for the vertical sensitivity: so high; I think it’s a 1:1 ratio between it and horizontal sensitivity, which basically makes me go floor-ceiling-floor-ceiling-dead if I get jumped. I think the setting would work well for flying, but it’s shit for being infantry :wink:


You’re alone and I hate you for it.


I know what Im doing tomorrow!


I’m not alone anymore!

@a51hq, on a scale of 1 to “rub everyone’s faces in it” how are you feeling about your invite? :wink:


Ha! I was going to go to bed. I think I’ll just install the game. Just install… It. But no hope you all get an invite soon.