Phoenix Renamon At Your Service!



My in game name is Phoenix Renamon (Or BLASTER_MOD on older accounts). I’m a casual gamer from North Carolina. I tend to play Warframe, SMITE, PUBG (poorly), Destiny 2, and a couple of other games that I don’t have room for on my current setup. In my spare (spare) time I write my own fan fiction with some of my close friends from home. Otherwise, I’m here in Rhode Island as a college student.

I plan on taking it all the way to a video game eventually that will break down some walls between some of these franchises that have made themselves “standalone.” I am the founder of my own clan that is associated with my stories but am happy to assist whoever asks. Echelon is a merc guild, and if the motive is right, we’re there to help.


Welcome to the party! Be sure to let us know if you run into any problems or have any questions :wink:


I read that as “Phoenix Ramen”


Welcome to Strats! Glad to have you join us. Hope you stop into discord, and join us in the chat.

Let us know if you need anything :slight_smile:


Glad to have you with us! Welcome!


What did I just watch


The future.

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