Picked up some new hotness

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Hey I just got that card a couple weeks ago! :smiley: GFX buddies 4 lef.

Edit: Only one tho… :frowning:


Your PS4 is now Mankind in this video :wink:


I think my computer melted loading this page.


These cards completely freaked me out for a moment. Apparently they have a built in fan controller that spools up the fans based on heat so they’re quite when they’re not under load.

So much so that the second fan does not even spin.

When I first installed the cards and checked my fan speeds, they were blinking red and freaking out at 0RPM. I thought I had received 2 broken cards that I was going to have to send in for replacement.

Then I looked in up. :wink:

Also cleaned up the battlestation a bit.

2 Likes, 1 Comments - Travis Vocino (@vocino) on Instagram: “Cleaned up my battlestation a bit. Still more to do.”


Very nice… Now stop! It’s making me even more depressed about my computer problems.

Naa jk it’s all good.