Pinksilk Introduction


In game name: pinksilk

Played wow since vanilla and every expansion so far. Done both PVE & PVP
Played hundreds of hours of Ark:survival evolved in dedicated tribes that maintained pvp server dominance.
Played league since pre-season 1, however don’t play anymore.
Many, many, many more games. I like games with progression and the ability to make things or affect the (virtual) world around me.

23 year old student from Arizona. Been playing albion since day 3 of closed beta. My old guild all went mia so I’m looking for an active guild. I do a mix of gathering/crafting/combat. I can almost use T5 skinning knife/axe. I can craft a mix of 4.2/4.3/T5 med armor &T5 bow / 4.2 warbow. Can also craft T5 horses, hopefully direwolves soon. As for combat, I am working towards 4.3 light armor, but can wear T5 med armor. I can use T5 warbow & 4.3 longbow. Am willing to heal if I have good groups :wink:, I can use T4 nature staff.

I work part time, but usually get on for at least a couple hours every day. I try to game as much as possible, so usually all weekend as well. I’ve been super addicted to this game since I started; it just sucks playing this game without a very active guild. :cry:

As for role, I’m open. I like pvp, gathering,crafting, etc. I know what it’s like being a contributing member of a guild/tribe/faction/whatever.


Welcome, friend!


Welcome to Strats!!


Welcome aboard.


Welcome to Strats friend!


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