Pixels movie looks awesome!


Am I the only one excited for this? I mean I know a lot of people have been giving Adam Sandler some flak lately. But I love Sandler, and it’s even better that Kevin James is in it.

Also, wait for the “Herro, my sreet rittle boy, rook how big you’ve grown” bahahahahaha

I personally can’t wait, I think it’s going to be awesome.


I saw this late last night + spazzed. I’m hype for this!


oh man…im stoked for this movie. I too love adam sandler…i dont get why people dont like him. I think hes funny as hell.


This movie literally reminds me of a Futurama episode where the Earth was attacked by Invaders (possibly from outer space). It even had Donkey Kong, Pacman and Q-bert in it. This movie might be cool though!


@Nubhugs That’s actually immediately what it reminded me of. Fry being the master at Space Invaders :wink:

Edit: And I actually had to do research because I totally thought this was an April Fools joke.


I like.


I like! I’m so hyped! Can’t wait to see it!