Planet Explorers?

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This title is a bit less “MMO” and a bit more 'Minecraft/7 Days to Die/Starforge/Monster Hunter" and currently on sale for 12 hours on Steam.

I promised my self to never buy another early access title. Which is why I haven’t bought the repop.

This was the last title I gave any pre-release money to back when I was still in the service. I don’t remember if it was on Kickstarter or what; I think it ran me all of $10 at the time. It and Starforge are, at this point, the only ones because I love that survival/crafty/killy gameplay. I haven’t even had time to play it among all the other things I’m doing this year; maybe I’ll try to sneak some time in on it and see what’s what next week.

This looks really cool too!
All of these really good looking games, and on top of a steam sale!?! you guys need to stop, my wallet is weeping.

Alright @Wayward, you’ve twisted my arm; installing now to give a glimpse-worth of opinion; I can probably stream it if anyone’s interested in a bit (dat --9-- 10+ MB/s DL ;))

Sometimes, just sometimes, Comcast isn’t so bad :wink:

Done (peaked at 11.1 by the end ;))

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So what’s the verdict @Auth?

This was the outcome of a minor reconfiguration for PC streaming. I’m heading out the door to a meeting right now but will be taking a look at it later today --(not in time for the sale, I suspect :frowning:)–

Nevermind, the sale is over already; I’ll get some quality time on it later and let you know what’s what.