Planetside 2 PC Outfit

Hello, I’m relatively new to strats, however I’ve been playing Planetside 2 for quite a while. I am wondering if our PC outfit is active, or if there are any strats members who still play, if there is no active outfit I will gladly make one to represent our community. Thank you for your time and I hope I see you on the battlefield.


There currently is not an active clan in planetside 2 for PC. We are looking forward to playing on PS4 on launch and I personally would love to see our PC branch to get active. Our clan has been made already, I’m sure @Vocino can hook you up.

That would be good to know about, I played a little PS2 recently and had fun.

@DracoIsmenium, what’s the word (as one of the few still playing)

@Zontago has said to me he’s willing to step up and grow the PS2 PC outfit. I think @Dynamible would be a great mentor for him to learn how to make reddit posts, advertise on official forums, and create events.

I’m throwing my vote in to support @Zontago to take the reins for this.

As we have an existing outfit that has been dormant and also has the old name of “Strategy & Company”, I vote that we create a new outfit for PC with the proper “Strats” name and go from there. I’m assuming we will use the current poll for choosing a faction.


If we want to go that route, do we want to call it good on the PS4 one as well so that Strats is rocking the same faction in both releases?

You know I’m down to help.


Thanks man I Iook forward to the help.

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so did we ever make the strats outfit on the pc version yet?

Yeah @Zontago runs it. We have over sixty members and we are growing fast.

what did we end up going?

If you mean what faction we went TR.

ok i sent an application last night, gonna log in in a bit to see if i was accepted.

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I’m not sure if modz accepted it I’ll get on right now to make sure it gets accepted. :smile:

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Much appreciated brother!

I also got my app in last night