Planetside 2 PS4 edtn



So, anyone on? Whats your impression? I was very underwhelmed to begin with, the training area Koltyr is a complete waste of time IMO, just hit up the warp and go play with the big boys. Initially I found the control very clunky, but then I’m mebbe comparing it to BF and CoD, once I got used to it, the game felt it played alot better. First area I went was Amerish and went from rank 1 to 5 in about 40 mins.

for a f2p it’s pretty solid.


I really loved PS2 for PC but I’m not sure I could ever get used to playing it with a controller.


I’m completely opposite, I have a severe keyboard and mouse disability when it comes to shooters on PC, I can just about manage to get by on BF3, but thats it. I can use kb&m with ease on WoW etc, but shooters I need a controller