Planetside 2 Registry!



This is the official registry for the Planetside 2 Platoon Division of Strategy and Company!

If you are interested in joining post your name here! Faction and Server is up for debate!!!


Downloaded, ready to go!


I want to play, never have though.


Me either, OMG :scream_cat: firsties!!!


I have a pretty good TR character but I’m willing to switch if it’s the will of our people. I personally believe they are the most bad ass looking.


I love PS2. Currently playing Terran Republic on Connery.


We should make a PS2 channel in mumble also


So did we choose a server? Seems like @TheDarkSentry is by far the highest of us. Plus he’s TR which I vote for anyway.


Should we make a post here?:


I’m not wanting to leave my current outfit TRG (The Republican Guard). Been with them since launch in 2011. They’re a really highly skilled outfit (I’m one of the lowest battle rank characters lol) and we do very well even when outnumbered. However, they really only play during primetime on weeknights and weekends. Here’s a video they posted a couple days ago:

Although this doesn’t mean I’m unwilling to play with you guys too. I already have a good home, but would be happy to play with you guys, teach you guys the game, or even recommend you to TRG if you wanted to join.


[My main PS2 character.][1]

Personally, I still like the VS.

VS guns are alright. Mostly no bullet drop though that isn’t really important in most combat ranges. Only consistent feature seems to be pretty short reload times. Our MAX unit well-rounded but not really specialized. A lot of VS Empire-specific weapons suck in solo-play but are amazing in an organized group.

All the planes are pretty balanced between factions though I don’t really fly. Liberators (non-faction 3 seater plane) seems kind of strong at the moment.

VS tank/harasser anti-infantry weapon is definitely better than the NC or TR one.

VS tank/harasser anti-vehicle weapon is less specialized than the NC or the TR’s though I don’t think I’d want the TR one in most cases. I do like the NC one but the Halberd (non-faction anti-vehicle weapon) seems the most popular at the moment.

VS tank has some downsides but, overall, I think it is the most fun 2/2 main battle tank. TR tank is kind of wonky 2/2 since the secondary weapon doesn’t always synergize as well imo. Works better as a solo tank. NC tank is pretty good as well but I don’t find the shield mechanic fun.

I spend almost all my time in a tank personally which is why I like the VS.

I won’t claim that I understand balance perfectly but TR generally seems to have more bullets and have some pretty good solo play weapons (except the Striker… that is just weird).

The NC has more damage and shotguns. Seriously, their tank, harasser, plane, and max all have shotguns. The shotgun on the tank and harasser seem kind of useless though.

Overall, NC seems to have some pretty major strengths balanced out by some pretty major disadvantages. TR doesn’t have anything extra in terms of teamwork compared to the other factions but has some pretty good solo stuff. VS infantry overall is middle of the road but has some great teamwork weapons and the most fun tank (imo).

Ultimately though, I’m up for whatever. I bought some non-faction equipment with SC so I’ll have some fun no matter what.


Here’s my outfit’s forum/application. They want you to put effort into the application. Also, put me as a referral so I can vouch for you. I’ll talk with the recruitment officer and get things squared away. Make your character as a Terran Republic soldier on the server Connery.


@Majordomo, so I’ve been thinking, we can join these republican guard people, I have no problem with that. But I wonder if we aren’t challenging ourselves enough. We could have just splintered off and joined a bunch of ESO guilds too.

I’m confident that we could start our own PS2 Outfit and make it a success. I can help market it and bolster numbers. We need a post that outlines everything about our presence in PS2 that people can reply to for invites, etc.

I will push it out and make it happen (with your help).

I personally see myself playing less if we are to join these guys, only because then I have to be involved in another forum and teamspeak and their events. I don’t know if I have the time for that since I’m pretty passionate about working on our stuff here on Strats already. I’d be a limp member to them where I’d be an asset here.

I would rather join up under our own Outfit lead by you and make it happen. My position is that we should at least give it a go before rolling into someone else’s.

What are your thoughts? (and others that were interested in PS2)


lets pen a plan and push our members to try the game out.


Do you want to write the sticky post for this forum or want me to?


i got it


Cool, I’ll do some heavy marketing on it after it’s up.


copied the eso thread and made alterations. i think it saves time and we show uniformity. maybe its time to delete this thread.


You can close it if you’re done with it. Keep it visible for posterity.