Planetside 2 Strategic Double XP Event, this weekend!



This weekend is DOUBLE XP for Planetside 2 members. What? Yes. I’m also going to be running a platoon XP booster. If you have one, run that too and we’ll maximize it. Is there a limit? No idea.

I’ve got a decently bad ass Sunderer, Harasser, and Liberator now and I want to get a good platoon going to utilize them. Get your tanks and armor set up and ready to roll. @Majordomo, @VivaVizer, and @dontcallmejames have more info on good shit when it comes to Planetside.

Go ahead and x up below if you think you’ll make it.

Planetside 2 is a great game to stream too, so get that set up this week and join the Twitch Team.

Let’s dooooo iiiiitttt!

Introduce Yourself (the old huge thread)


i will definitely be around, most likely friday and saturday nights. streaming too.


So anyone found the new content interesting?

I can’t tell if I like the new NS shotgun or now.


Bumping this as a reminder to get your implants sorted!


This weekend:

  • Daily Category Sales
  • 2 Limited Time Bundles Sales
  • Members Double XP

You should have also recieved an email with a code for a free implant pack.


Erm, shit, I don’t think my email was verified until just now. Maybe I’ll still get the code.