[Planetside 2] Strats Terran Outfit [PC]



Welcome Soldiers

Strats is a ever growing mature gaming community that focuses on having a toxic-free environment. Strats currently supports many games including Planetside 2, Destiny, Minecraft, and much more.

Planetside 2 is a game about teamwork, and we seek to provide. We will become a efficient killing machine that brings honor and glory to the Strats name. We want everyone to enjoy every second they spend playing the game, whether we are having a pleasant conversation, while ghost capping, or in a intense battle with hundreds of players constantly taking bullets and lasers knowing our friends are right beside us.

New Members

  1. Read the Strats Introduction.
  2. Tell us about yourself.
  3. Make new friends.
  4. Have some fun. :smile:


We are Terran Republic, the defenders of order and seekers of unity.

We play on emerald.

I run squads every night around 7 PM CST.

Operations Night

Operations Night is the one day of the week we all try to get on to accomplish something grand, whether it be save Indar, or defend an important base. Operations Night will also be used as an informal meeting and training nights, where we talk about the direction of the Outfit, and help newer players gain experience. Operations Night isn’t just about building up our outfit, its also about having a fun night that we can play together, and make memories with our friends and brothers. More information and the official night will be available soon.


Officers (the proud Terran Republic babysitters/badasses) will be diligently watching both the forums, and game to ensure to help members. If you want to contact a officer and can’t find one online please try to contact us via PM on the forums.

Current officers

I’d like to thank everyone in the outfit for your current and future participation in our community where people matter.

Special thanks to @tommy2118 and @Dynamible.

Feedback is appreciated .

SUNDAY 1700EST: PlanetSide 2 Strategic Op Lead by Vocino

Dude I’m joining this one too.


I am looking forward to playing this game. When is it finally coming?


This is for PC which is out now.


Oh I am not sure about PC shooter.


PS4 is in beta.




Im BR 110 on TR… DOG officer … migueramirezv add meto ytour friend list, will glad to have fun with you guys