Planetside 2 training video series



Here’s an awesome training series playlist from the official PS2 channel:

Our Planetside outfit [SSCO] is off to a great start. This free-to-play game is super effing fun and if you’re not playing it at least casually, you’re missing out. You can jump in and start playing easily—a lot of us, me included, created brand new characters.

We’re playing TR on Mattherson!


i had played in the beta and early release and for some reason i was intimidate by the scope of the game and the learning curve. but after following you guys back into it, and a thorough training session by majordomo, i’m loving this game now. the learning curve really isn’t that steep, but there’s just tons of way to customize your character/classes. the big battles really give a feeling of a war setting, much more than any battlefield game ever gave me. last night i played for about 2 hours and there were like 5 or 6 moments where i had to almost catch my breath because the battles were so intense. i actually remember thinking to myself that i’m pissed for letting this game get past me this whole time.


When are you guys playing? I’m having a hard catching you guys.

I was also thinking that maybe we should do open squads with randoms. I have an okay Sunderer and that’s all you really need to herd people into a fight.


I’ve been out of town but I’m actually on the plane writing this very message on my way back now. I’ll be on heavily this week. Let’s get together and do some streaming and kicking ass.


i’ll be on streaming most weeknights, and maybe on saturday too.


When’s the next double xp weekend? I want to schedule a Strats event!


edit: just checked, it’s May 24, 25, 26


Cool, thanks. I’m going to set up an event of awesome!


What times are you usually on? Switched to the account a few times, saw no one and went back to being a VS.


I’m on PST mornings and evenings usually. Although I’ve been out of town the past few days.