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Planetside 2 can be daunting when you don’t know what do! So many times you wish you had the right weapon for the job or that you should have spent your certs differently! Fear not for you have entered the tutorial zone!

Youtube Channels:

Both of the guys i am going to list are amazing at what they do! They explain the game and its mechanics perfectly and give all the little details that we can never find out just by playing! Great tutorial series on both channels and i highly recommend them!

Wrel & Pintpot

Fore more info and interaction:

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Also our own @VivaVizer streams a ton of PS2:


Also our own @VivaVizer streams a ton of PS2:

Check out his archived videos.


This thread says Connery and the other says Matherson.


Well, since TR has been decided, couldn’t we write something for new players? Maybe starting with the new player survey items.

The rewards are:

Max: Mutilator (left arm)
Kind of a mediocre reward since you don’t get a right anti-infantry Max arm. Mixing AA/AV/AI arms together don’t really work.

Engineer/Light Assault: T5 AMC (carbine)
Fires quite a bit slower than the default carbine with higher bullet velocity and a faster reload. Seems like it would perform better at medium range than the default weapon at a cost of less dakka at short range.

Medic: Cycler TRV (assault rifle)
Fires quite a bit faster than the default assault rifle sight slightly less bullet velocity. Very much a close quarter gun though it still feels better at range than SMG’s.

Heavy: T16 Rhino (LMG)
Very similar situation to the Engineer/Light Assault. Compared to the default LMG, Rhino has noticeably less RoF than the default gun but has more bullet velocity and less jumpy when firing automatically. Definitely more of a medium range weapon.

Infiltrator: TSAR-42 (bolt-action sniper rifle)
Kind of a weird bolt-action sniper rifle. Bullet velocity is low and max magnification for the scope is 4x. Sort of a medium range sniper rifle. Other bolt-action sniper rifles have way more magnification and better bullet velocity. Similar range sniper rifles are semi-auto and need more than one headshot to kill someone unlike the TSAR-42 which only needs one. A rather unique sniper rifle overall.

You also get a free semi-auto shotgun and 1 hour of exp boost which is pretty good.

Personally, of the rewards, I’d go for the medic assault rifle. For now, Cycler TRV is pretty unique with the highest RoF and is still pretty controllable. As a medic, I really only shoot when the enemy is close enough to shoot at me so the Cycler TRV fits me pretty well.

Plus, medics are probably the best way to get certs when starting the game. Way more expensive to get a good vehicle or other infantry loadout going. Medic just needs a maxed healing tool and some revive grenades. That’s about 1090 certs.

In comparison, Heavy’s maxed adrenaline shield alone costs 2250 certs, Engi’s maxed mana AV turret costs 2050 certs, and maxed Harasser Turbo costs 2250 certs.

But I’m main a VS so maybe someone else would like to chime in.


Awesome, thanks for the writeup @VivaVizer! You are the Planetside master, of course. Although @TheDarkSentry is pretty bad ass too.


I guess I’ll say my preferences for guns worth using and the attachments I run. If you want a more detailed explanation, just ask.

TX1 Repeater (Laser Sight / Suppressor)
NS-44 Commissioner (Laser Sight or Darklight Flashlight)

Solo Sniping - RAMS .50M (Straight-pull bolt)
Squad support Sniper - TSAR-42 (Straight-pull bolt / Suppressor)
Squad support Scout Rifle - HSR-1 (Laser Sight / Suppressor)
SMG - NS-7 PDW (Adv Laser Sight / Suppressor)

Light Assault/Engineer:
Med-Long Range - HC-1 Cougar (Compensator / Forward Grip)
Close-Med Range - LC3 Jaguar (Flash suppressor / Forward Grip)
Shotgun - TAS-16 Blackjack (Extended Mag)

Cycler TRV (Forward Grip / Flash Suppressor)

Heavy Assault:
T7 Mini-Chaingun (BRRT or Extended Mags)
T9 Carv (Forward Grip / Flash Suppressor)

Anti-Infantry - MRC3 Mercy
Anti-Air - NS-10 Burster
Anti-Armor - MR1 Fracture

So you start with access to the best weapons for Pistols, Heavy Assault, and half the MAX Anti-Air. I would suggest filling out the survey trying to get either the Infiltrator or Medic weapon. The infiltrator weapon will require a lot of skill to get headshots when everyone is constantly moving. The Medic weapon is amazing and medic’s get a ton of XP (certs) from healing and resurrecting so its a good class to start with to level up.


Wrote something up on Reddit for a new VS player. I think it can be adapted to TR.

Ultimately depends on your play style but I personally like having options and find there are definitely some minimum items you need for each class to be complete imo. Obviously, you need to cert into your favorite primary weapon and suit abilities as well but I think these items greatly increase your playstyle options.


I’d buy the anti-air launcher. Only 250 certs. Changes enemy air from an untouchable nightmare to a touchable menace. You can also dumbfire it against infantry and enemy ground armor. No reason to the lock-ground-only launcher as a TR imo.

A single medical kit can also greatly help you stay in the fight longer.


Max healing tool immediately. Allows you to revive people at full health and works farther and faster. Getting revive grenades (200 certs) next will also greatly increase your utility.


A few levels in the Engi tool is nice but maxing it is only essential for disarming enemy tank mines under your Sunderer. Also would max if you plan to focus on driving vehicles.

Tank mines are amazing. Level 1 tank mines (100 certs) get you two tank mines. That enough to kill any ground armor without mineguard.

Underpopped and getting zerged? Setup some tank mines at the next base before the enemy arrive. Cluster them close and hide them near the road, in a bush, under cosmetic rocks, or even the center strip of a bridge.

I’d also consider an mana AV turret but that’s expensive at 1000 certs. Still going to expand your options way more than any carbine will.

Light assault

A few levels in your jets of course but definitely need two levels of C4 (700 certs). Greatly increases your kill potential against armor (well, and infantry as well).


Default TR sniper rifle kind of sucks. There is 100 cert sniper rifle (M77-B) that functions as a more traditional one-headshot-kill sniper rifle.

I’d also recommend a SMG but they are all 1000 certs.


Buy that second Pounder arm (250 certs). Suddenly, your Max is great at anti anything on the ground at medium range. For vehicles that are farther away, you’ll probably need some Fractures (2000 certs).

Get that second burster arm (1000 certs) to be an anti-air threat.

For anti-infantry, I’d get two Mutilators (500 certs total) and avoid a second Heavy Cycler arm (1000 certs, really?). Two Mutilators are effective and way cheaper than two Onslaughts or Mercies (2000 certs total).

Only part that I’m not 100% certain on is the Max section.


@VivaVizer are you going to be around tomorrow? If so, let’s do some PS2. I’ve got a pretty nice Sunderer now, AA in the front, Bulldog in the back, armor, deployable. Really having fun with it.

I might get another of each gun for the other slot so I can have a full AA version, a full Anti-ground version, and then a mix.


Like in the evening?


During the day tomorrow (Saturday), preferably.