PlanetSide Implants, How Do They Work? (Like This)



I’ve returned to PlanetSide 2 thanks to @Zontago. Implants were new to me as they were introduced in some patch a while back. Since I had no idea how to work them, I went looking for info. Most of what I found was a lot of complex super optimal elite serious business stuff.

Instead, here’s all you need to know.



This is what you should do right now. Everyone in Strats Corp should do this.

  • Equip your free Enhanced Targeting implant or a Regeneration 1 implant on every build of every class.
  • Go into the “Implant Energy” settings and set your implants to automatically recharge.

These tier 1 implants don’t take much energy and are helpful. With auto recharge on, you should never have to worry about implants ever again and you’ll get some bonuses.


At some point, when you get a bunch of implants, you’ll want to craft some at tier 2 or higher. These take exponentially more power and thus more consistent xp to keep charged.

I recommend crafting a Regeneration 2 and leaving it on automatic recharge. You may run out of power occasionally but for the most part if you’re getting decent xp you will keep it charged.


Once you’ve got your shit down, you may want to start equipping situational implants. For example, you can detect explosives for a class build where you’re regularly driving (like an engineer). You can also start crafting Tier 3 implants and crafting a lot to keep them charged.


You will get normal chargers called “Charger” through normal xp gains just like you get tier 1 implants. Those will be used when available because you’ve selected automatically charge.

I’ve seen a lot of videos going through all the tiers for charging and how they break down to tier 1 implants needed. That is dumb, don’t worry about all that. This is all you need to know: You should ONLY EVER craft Ultra Chargers. Everything else is just a waste of implants.

An Ultra Charger gives you 24,000 Energy. You craft them by combing a Tier 2 and a Tier 3. That means it will take 30 Tier 1 implants to get 1 Ultra Charger. If you do the math on that, that’s 800 Energy per which makes crafting any of the others really inefficient.

What do?

  • Equip an implant you like.
  • Set to automatic recharge and forget about it.
  • Combine all the other implants you get and wait until you can craft an Ultra Charger.
  • Do nothing else.



Took me a while to find out how they worked, once I figured it out it was great, good info, our outfit members need to know


I’ve been using Regen 4 for a while. It takes a lot of energy, the regular drops don’t cut it, so i have to cert into more energy every so often. Safe Landing is also pretty hilarious. It seems useless, but in, say, a tower fight, you can straight jump from the top of the tower and surprise people below. At Safe Landing 4 you can drop 50m w/o taking damage, and 150m w/o dying, you can just hop out of a mossie when it’s almost dead and not care.


Dude, why don’t you run with us on Emerald TR? We need you.


I’m already on Emerald TR, I played with you guys on Sunday and with @Zontago a few times before that :stuck_out_tongue: . My in game name is SubScrub. I can’t join the outfit because i’m already committed to another outfit (AoD), but i’m totally down to play with you guys when you’re on.


Thanks for the info. I know little about PS2 and every bit helps.


I recognize you man, you’re good