Planetside Op Night Sunday 5pm EST



#Sunday Night is Op Night
Here comes another Op Night for Planetside bring your rifles, mountain dew, and doritos to prepare for the the night.

Remember to have the game installed, updated, and configure your keybindings before to have a good experience. If you want to be a squad lead on the night please tell me on the thread.

#Op Night Schedule
We will start the first hour training squad leads, pilots, and helping newer players getting used to the game. Part of the training will be giving members an opportunity to lead with the help of the more experienced players. After around 45 minutes the assault will begin, and we will start our main attack against the Vanu and NC.

I hope to see everyone there, and have a fun night.

See you on the battlefield

Birthday weekend schedule and prizes

Who wants to be a squad lead?
##Squad Leaders

Alpha: @Vocino


Available to run Bravo again.


Alpha, checking in.


Unfortunately, I got life guard training this weekend, would love to be there, unfortunetly, not able to make it


Thats fine let me know if anything changes.


Anyone else have plans t lead a squad or come?


I did a bit of cert grinding earlier this week with @vocino so I wouldn’t be such a scrub; harasser harassment OP :wink:


What level spawn beacon and leadership certs did you get?


Vulcan Harasser <3


Event is this afternoon if we do well I along with other volunteers will read an awkward fanfic by popular choice. Try to peer pressure @Vocino the robot, and @Auth to read a fanfic that will be funny to hear.

I’m also going to try out streaming PS2 today and see how that works out.


Lower your in-game settings or your frames will scream for mercy :wink:


Double EXP weekend :slight_smile:


I’m feeling a bit under the weather so I may not be chatty but I’m here.


Great Op Night everyone every week we only improve.
Special Thanks to @Vocino and @Auth.