Platform for Groups


With Babyforce due in April, my wife & I are attending a prenatal class with 7 other couples. Part of these sessions is to learn about the whole process & what to expect (this is our first), but also to connect with the other couples to build a support network.

That’s where this post comes in.

I suggested that we create a Facebook group for us to be part of, yet two of the couple aren’t on Facebook (@Vocino - many apologies). Anyone have any suggestions on a decent alternative?

I had considered Slack or Discord, but not sure if we’ve reached the chat stage.


Snapchat, every baby-momma has snapchat


Group text.


New parents are adorable.


Every time someone opens one with me, I die a little inside. Somehow it inevitably functionally stops being a group text and just turns into a public back-and-forth between two people.


Random thoughts:

I’ve been experimenting with Discord for a “virtual coworking” group. It’s nice because it’s always up, has message history, and has a lot of ways to access it. I like how I can control the invites and have an open forum too, which is something that Slack doesn’t allow without workarounds still to my knowledge. The main hurdle is explaining to people what Discord is (it doesn’t sound nice or like a group chat) and getting people through its weird invitation system because they keep reusing the invitation code on multiple devices. Slack might be a bit better to give the semblance of a closed network, especially if you are talking about kids.

I think though maybe the biggest challenge may be if the other couples like writing or chatting on their phones, otherwise they probably won’t feel compelled to connect. And also whether or not you want to put the energy into maintaining it; maybe it’s the job of the class-offering organization to point people toward a social solution.

Other thoughts: maybe Skype chat rooms would work; I used to use those to chat out-of-game, and they maintain history too. They may already have it working if they plan to share all kinds of baby-related video calls with people.


Yeah I tried putting together a discord for all of my RL friends to stay in touch since we all have families and responsibilities now. None of them knew what it was and they were all afraid of it. It failed spectacularly.


Good idea here. Skype is probably easier for the layman to understand. And you can video chat.


I attempted something similar, and it was essentially pulling teeth for modest success.


My wife runs similar groups. Here in the UK she runs the Marylebone Mums group and uses WhatsApp since it’s much more widely used—in the states she runs something similar using Messenger Rooms.

If you can find something that everyone always uses, great. If not, I think you have to go with what the majority are already using and get the others on board. If you’re moving away from using tools that the parents are already in because 2 of them aren’t there but you’re moving to tools that none of them use, that seems like a logical flaw.

Having said that, as long as you’re providing value, you can justify using a new tool. Just keep in mind that the further you get from their daily routine, the better the value has to be.


It’s Mr. Adorable to the likes of you.

Therein lies the struggle. I fired up the idea & the two who couldn’t join initiated others to bail on the initial pitch.


As with most initiatives, there will be a certain percentage of naysayers. Don’t try to please them. If you are creating some value for yourself and 80% of the others, do it. The other 20% will either get onboard, try to start their own thing with the other 20%ers, or just complain.