Player Type Expectations



I would like to get some conversation going on what is expected of a player acting as a Healer, Damage Per Second (DPS), Tank etc. in a group. I think we have all been in a Pick Up Group (PUG) where the healer was doing anything and everything besides healing their teammates.


Great topic. I’m aiming to be a dps SnB (one handed and shield) Templar. Honest to say that I’m a noob at MMORPGs and I would love to read about some combat theories that would apply to this game and most MMORPGs in general.


My primary focus is on tanking. I’ve been a tank in just about every MMORPG I can think of. Some games I liked more than others and some I spent more time on than others, of course.

Tanking in ESO is both different and the same as other games depending on what stage of a dungeon you’re in.

In most MMORPGs, the tank’s role is to hold as close to 100% of the aggro as possible and have everything in the room beating on them at all times. The goal is for the healer to only have to worry about healing the tank’s massive health pool and that’s it.

However, in ESO this isn’t really possible. Healers have more area and healing-over-time heals than they do target spam heals. Add to that, tanking classes in ESO only have 1 or 2 taunts at their disposal.

This means our high level dungeon-goers need to be prepared to handle getting attacked by adds in boss fights. It means our tanks need to be aware that crowd control, buff management, understanding of the room, and knowing who and who not to pull a mob off of is more important than holding aggro on everything.


We have some seriously gifted individuals in this guild faction that I am sure will help shed some light on this for you. BTW for those that do not know… (I had to look it up once) SnB is one handed weapon and shield, otherwise know as sword and board (SnB)


I’m rolling with a Nightblade with Bow, and Dual Wield. Running several different abilities in the Assassination, Shadow, and Siphon trees. Anything I should do or look for, would be a great help from those that are the same. I seem like I can put out a decent amount of damage, but when confronted with several enemies at once I can become very squishy.


This is truly a game changer for the healers. You are limited in your ability to target key players and spamming your area heals can leave you with a depleted magicka pool when you need it (let alone draw some unwanted aggro).


Yeah it is. Honestly the old school way of thinking about tanks and healers is questionable in ESO, at least from what I can see so far. I don’t know if it will be different in the later veteran ranks.

From what I can see though, it might be more productive to play it more like pvp where you’re trading off aggro, trading off heals, people are helping each other out. The holy trinity of DPS, Healer, and Tank are still there but I’m not sure if you want 1 healer and 1 tank.

Certainly having a tank that can soak up damage from a boss is helpful but from what I’ve seen it’s really difficult to just stand there and tank something with the way heals work in ESO. It might be better to have all 3 non-healers trade off with tanking or semi-tanking while the healer throws down AOE heals.

Or perhaps the golden rule might be 2 tanky DPS, one glass cannon ranged DPS, and 1 healer.


Maybe @Majordomo or @Ziq could help you out here. What do you guys think?


ESO has less strict class lines. This confuses me when it comes to my mage character, who has an AOE (Area Of Effect) damage line. My character also wears heavy armor and relys on being in people’s faces to do true area damage. Any tips would be greatly appreicated, I’m only level seventeen though :frowning:

This is my build


I agree, my main focus is tanking and I am fully speced for it. I can take a ton of damage with my shield, self heal, shield spell and my talons for CC. The only issue I have is I only have one taunt spell and I need to find another one.


To put it simply (coming from someone who always plays assassin archetypes in mmo’s) you shouldn’t be being hit from numerous people at once if it can be avoided. I’d run the life siphon skill (dot that heals, forget the name) and if you’re still having trouble surviving you have two choices that I’m aware of. In pvp I run the stealth skill in shadows (Unfortunately I haven’t memorized any skill names yet XD), and in pve I would run scatter shot against melee, and poison arrow to deal with casters (scatter shot morphed as a knockback and poison arrow morphed as an interrupt). Also if you are too squishy and haven’t put many points into health I would do so. I always prefer to play glassy pvp characters but it’s up to preference. Given that @Ziq and I have totally different opinions on essentially everything in the game, he can probably suggest some other choices for you.


Gotta watch out in Craglorn though, some enemies will turn AOE heals against the party.


My main is a healer Templar, secondary dual wield. I tend to play healers in games, and just like tanking in ESO, the way it works is a bit different. You can’t really target a specific teammate, at least I can’t yet. (lvl 28), and magicka can get used up quick. I’m able to regen some by attacking with my staff so you will see me doing this on occasion.

Due to the fact I’m still leveling, and taking my time of it to fully enjoy the game. I’m running a mix of heavy and light armor. The light so I can level that up as I go, and the heavy for survivability. I’ve run a few of the dungeons and was surprised at how much fun I had in what for me was a great deal of chaos as I continue to figure out the idiosyncrasies of healing in this game.

I also felt the need to post here, as I’m a new member and was only able to post three replies in a single topic. So to those I was conversing with, that is why I didn’t respond again. :smile: