Playing Heroes of the Storm tempts me to reinstall World of Warcraft




EDIT: Actually, my account has been banned apparently. So much for that! :smile:


hell no…well actually i still have it installed. but i played the latest expansion at length when it first came out and got really burned out. i’m not ready to re-subscribe yet. i’m having too much fun playing HotS and GTA V to sacrifice my precious gaming time to the timesink of WoW.


I played Mists of Pandaria for a month, got maxed out, then got burned out all within that month. Can’t say I’ll ever play it again, especially with how easy it’s become.


Yea, I did the same thing and no interest other than idle curiosity to go back. Too many games, too little time!


You know, WoW was basically my only title for more than 4 years. But I just hated Cataclysm so much and I’ve (sadly) gone back for every expansion since and been disappointed. Everything has a shelf life.