PlayStation Experience 2015 Thread


I’m here. Will update.



This game Kill Strain looks awesome.

5v5 sort of moba


I’m in the Kill Strain beta but haven’t even launched the game yet. Guess I should get on that.



Watching people stream Fat Princess Adventures right now. Complete change from the PS3 version. Instead of capture-the-flag style play it’s now a 4-player co-op Diablo-style action game.

I’ll likely be getting this one.


Been hitting that Battlefront hard this weekend. Almost level 20. Found out im pretty good at the fighter squadron


How did the PlayStation VR look?


The on-stage presentation was a slight fail. Seems they had some minor hardware failure and the software they were using looked really cheesy.

However, a couple of the games that were shown during the trailer looked really good. The announcement trailer for 100ft Robot Golf was amusing and golem looked interesting to me.