PlayStation Experience


The PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas is a little over a week away! How many from Strats are going, if any, and what are you most excited to see? If you’re not going, what are your most anticipated PlayStation games coming in 2015? I am most excited to get a look at Bloodborne, Uncharted 4, and No Man’s Sky to name a few. (I wish I could show off some merch while I’m there, but I’ll still have a good time!)

What games are you excited to play in 2015?


I wish I could make it out there but it’s finals week. I know you are going to be our man on the floor taking pictures and live updating us on all that important breaking news.


I want to see what they have to say about Destiny expansion of course.


oh gosh! lol, I really wish I could have like a film crew and just do clips for Strats…that would be pretty awesome


Should I go to this?


@Vocino I think it will be pretty awesome! Its all PlayStation stuff coming up in 2015, and you’re a short plane ride away. I guess all you have to figure in is if its worth the cost, as you were just in the UK… I am driving up on Friday and back on Monday.

If you’re into conventions and stuff like that, I think it will be pretty cool. I usually go to San Diego Comic Con, so having all the people there doesn’t bother me much. There are a few interesting panels lined up too. They are a bit quiet on too many of the details, but it looks to be quite a production.


Are you staying at the hotel?


I’m actually staying with my relatives in Las Vegas.


I have a feeling this is going to be a huge event. With so many rumors of a new Capcom and Square Enix game, plus the list of games is fairly big. Nothing like holding a big conference before Christmas to hype the public and get them to buy your system with the promise of a sweet 2015 game lineup.


I am hoping not an oppressive amount of people are going to this thing so that game queues are not so long… I have a lot of things to play! I have to really limit the amount of panels I go to also, and really spend my time wisely.


I’m going to look into going and filming some stuff. A while back I was invited to a Razor press event and it was really fun. We could put some stuff up on Strats YT or something.


The more teases I hear about good stuff coming to the Playstation Experience the more I think @PittInjury may not make it home. The hype train is just going to carry you far, far away from here where there is only magic and video games. We’ll see you later buddy, at least you will be in a better place.

(Last known picture of Pitt as he sinks into the red-hot hype)


@Nubhugs hey, if I get to be the Terminator, thats cool with me! Yea I’m pretty sure I’m going to get my mind blown too many times there…plus I really have to take into consideration how much money I’m willing to spend on merch there too…


I got an email for IGN Deals and they have the tickets for $30 off with the coupon code: IGNPSE14

Go to the Venetian Box Office site and enter in the code to get tickets for $65 while supplies last!
I tried calling them to retroactively get the coupon, but they wouldn’t do it… :*(


I’m kinda pissed about not getting this, but that doesn’t mean I can’t share it! I think this also means that there aren’t as many people going as anticipated, but that is good for me so I can have shorter lines!

If this doesn’t convince you now, @Vocino


Hah, sounds like a good deal but you’re not factoring in airfare and hotel. If it was a different week I’d definitely go but it’s busy until the end of the year.


True that, I had to mitigate costs as well.