PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset Share-a-thon Contest!


Get your hands on a PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset!

Top Sharer on December 15th Wins

When you share a post with your username flag ?u=username we track how many visits you’re sending. You can win a PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset by sharing any post on our forum (including this one). It’s cumulative so you can share as many different posts as you like and it will add up to your total score.

  1. Visit a post (for optimal behavior, make sure you’re looking at the top post or OP)

  2. Click the Share button:

  3. Copy the link it gives you. It will have your username attached to the end.

  4. Post it on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, your Mom’s bridge club web site, whatever.

That’s it. Get creative with where to post and how to entice people to be interested in the content you’re sharing.

Good luck!

Moderators are not eligible since we share the shit out of these forums anyway!

Discussion: Weekly Recruitment (12 Dec)
Winner of the PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset is

Good thing I’m a Moderationator then :wink:


Awesome idea, now to figure out what to share.


Who all is competing for this?


Looks like a few people. Still plenty of time for someone to take it!


What are the numbers?


That’d be cheating!


I have to write this cause I can’t just put :frowning:


The competition is fierce! @Dynamible just rocked a r/gaming share. The heat is on, get to sharing!


Ssssshhhhh it’s supposed to be a sssseeeecccreettttttt…


Can you guys save the metrics for the shares? I would like to see a breakdown of post views.


I’ll post the tally at the end of the contest.


Drizzt… over 9000


Me and @Vocino are the only one’s who have shared with 1000 people though…


Still time!



Five… more… days…



Dang it, if I had known this was a thing, I could have shared my own post and been rolling in the points.


I even beat @vocino with my title. I wonder how many views that got. I just know over 1K.