PlayStation Network ID Trade of Awesome


On PSN? Even better, want to play Destiny? Let’s trade PSN friendships of awesome.

My ID is v0c1n0, add me!

PS4 Destiny group up
Introduce Yourself (the old huge thread)
Destiny Clan
Introduce Yourself (the old huge thread)

Mine’s Aeiros; let’s be friends :smiley:


Mine is Diacuss.




wow vocino is integrating us. so when do we tattoo bar codes on us huh? i ll post mine as soon i get enough willpower to hook it up on my wifi.




I just caught up on all the requests I had pending. Sorry for delay.




My PSN is NegativeKelvin. Cant wait to see everyone in game on 9/9!




PSN: colinsintrouble
looking forward to playing with ye all at launch!


Can’t wait for Tuesday.


Welcome guys! Hope to see you all in game real soon! Add me on PSN (PS4): TheKuses


I moved a post to an existing topic: Destiny Name Swap Playstation


Right then, this thread is outdated; please refer to this one for your name-swapping needs :wink: