Playstation-only Destiny goodies trailer




From the last seconds of the clip: “Timed exclusive until at least Fall 2015.”

Damn that’s quite long.


Ican’t wait to rock my warlock skin.


I quite like the Argus set reminds me of a spider. Also the Vanir set looks a bit like carnage from Spider Man. Definitely a good time be a PS gamer, although these exclusives feel a tad anti consumer to me.


They’re just timed exclusives. XBox will gain access to them next year.


And I understand that but a years wait for some armor, 2 exotics and 2 maps feels kind of ridiculous IMO, not to mention the fact the there will be PS exclusives when the DLCs hit as well. But then again I disagree with the practice of any type of exclusive.Which reminds me of the timed exclusive MS has on the new tomb raider title, again which I feel is ridiculous but I guess that’s just the free market at work.